Of soft denim and pink

August 19, 2013

I'd have to say that this has been the sixth time I have awoken from my bed. Lol, I blame this horrible rain for hindering me from being productive and making me eat thrice as much of my average daily intake.
 But hey, in all seriousness, I really do hope that everyone out there is safe! Let's all pray for good weather, okay?

Denim jumpsuit: thrifted

Sandals: Forever 21
Pink cardigan: Forever 21
Bag: Bagellia Filipinas
Sun glasses and other accessories: Cotton On

Anyhoo, these photos were taken last June on the very sunshine-y Day 3 of our trip to Singapore. Our agenda that day? To visit the Sky Park at the Marina Bay Sands.

Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands:

A replica of Marina Bay Sands welcomed us as we entered the place. The Sky Park, as you could see, is located on the very top of the world-class structure. Kudos to its architect/s & interior designer/s for its amazing design! 

Random pictures taken while at the Sky Park (viewing deck)

From high up the 56th floor, the Sky Park offered a very different view of the beautiful city. 

It was around noon when we went there, and the heat of the sun was almost unbearable!
 (I honestly think that the amazing experience would have been 5x better if we went there at night, with the city lights of Charming Singapore flashing around us, but hey, we had a great time nonetheless!)
But good thing there was a cozy lounge located at the center of the deck where we could order ourselves some refreshments! :) The place had wifi and good music, too! lol.

To have an amazing top view of the beautiful city of Singapore, make sure to visit the Sky Park! :)
Big congratulations to the city for their amazing tourism! :)


Huhu. Now back to reality.
Just remembering how happy and full of sunshine and warmth that day was makes me miss Mr. Sun even more. And guess what? Classes tomorrow are suspended yet again, which screams out "5-week Vacation" to all of us students in Manila. I have mixed feelings about this, actually. I mean, I'm for extended vacation and rest but....I really miss school, my friends, and my polluted-and-over-populated-but-beautiful-and-charming-nonetheless Manila. I also miss waking up to the heat of the sun's rays that hit against my room's window and hearing the birds chirp above the lit up sky. I miss my happy, sunny country.


Let's just pray that this typhoon leaves already, and that everyone won't be anything but safe, dry and happy!
Remember the old saying, nothing can ever dampen the Filipino spirit, so never stop hoping, my fellow Pinoys! 

Keeping faith,

The Teenage Queen