A Disney-Themed Christmas Eve!

(Belle, Sebastian, Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell)

As a family tradition that we started three Decembers ago, fun costumes are worn on the evening of the 24th to welcome Christmas. 

Three years ago, Christmas Eve was themed "Winter Wonderland", where not a single head was without a fluffy winter hat. Last year, it was themed "Hill Billy"-- which I've already blogged about before (see post HERE). 

And this year, we decided to level up the fun and crazy by making this year's theme.....


And because I love Princess Belle so much, I decided to go as her. However, I didn't have a fancy ball gown to wear, so I decided to dress as her village girl counterpart. haha!

(outfit shots taken by Ken)

White polo: Bayo
Blue dress: Thrifted
Black shoes: Figlia
Brown leather bag: Thrifted

Blue ribbon: Charlotte Russe

Bracelet:  a steal I got fom the World Trade Bazaar :)
Rings: a Christmas gift from my Sorority sisters, Lili and Bekai! yay!


Our special visitors were in costumes, too. Ken went as a dwarf from Snow White, while Kuya James went as Po the Panda (although we realized only afterwards that Kung Fu Panda wasn't a Disney film pala...HAHAHA!!!)

Belle meets Dwarf


Po + Tink!

And Sebastian fell in love with Minnie. True Story. ;)

Dad most obviously bagged the Best Costume award... AHAHAHA

Sisterly love <3 <3 <3

The boys!

aaand the girls!

And now, for a  family photo! :) teehee.

 And thanks to Facetime, we were also thankful to have spent a part of the night with Ate Hannah and Kuya Paolo, my sister and brother-in-law from the States.

It was fun celebrating Jesus' birthday together. The evening was basically composed of us singing a happy birthday to Him, of us eating the night away, and of remembering together what the Lord had given for us and how we may set our hearts to serve Him.

True enough, Christmas Eve was again magical for all of us. Thank You Jesus for the gift of Life, of Love, and of Family! :) Happy birthday!!!!!