Of spontaneous night outs and attempts to watch Frozen

December 2013

Not surprisingly, being the clingy bunch that we are, (some of ) my sorority sisters and I spent the first week of Christmas vacation together. 

 Last Wednesday, we (together with the boyfie) watched the lantern parade in Diliman... (tho we spent about 2/3 of the time catching up with each other haha). Afterwards, we ended up in Techno Hub to have dinner,---wherein I had to blurt out, "I haven't seen Frozen!!!" halfway through finishing our meals-- which eventually lead to a chorus of "Me Too's" which eventually lead to us spontaneously going all the way to Eastwood 
just. to. see. it.

But lo and behold, after enduring the city traffic and whatnot, this was what we saw:


(these are our, "PLS TELL ME THAT THIS IS
 NOT HAPPENING TO US.........................." faces)

So we decided to just buy ourselves some sundaes instead.

Two days later, one of us decided to give it another chance. 
And so began the second installment of our quest to watch the Disney movie.
And just our luck, it seemed as if it wasn't being shown anywhere else..............so we had to commute ALL THE WAY TO SM MASINAG (of all places please lang HAHAHAHA) just to see it. 
Thankfully, our second attempt was very much successful. And guess what? WE LOVED IT.

Frozen was the perfect movie for us to watch since, you know, 
it was a story of love between two sisters. heehee. 
As the credits flashed on the screen, our eyes sort of teared up a bit (weh, sort of lang daw HAHA) and then we started giving each other a tight hug that came with a squeal + an "I love you so much, sister!!!" drama effect . #sobrangkeso But yeah, Frozen is such a beautiful movie (aaand I'll give it plus points since it's not the typical prince-charming-saves-the-princess type of story).


Spontaneous, chill night outs are the best!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward for more feel-good nights like these ones,
The Teenage Queen

(all photos were grabbed from kyra and bekai)