Blossom and Grow

I kept telling myself that, after a year of being confused, feeling lost, and burning bridges, 2014 will definitely
be a year of love, of restoration, and of transformation. I kept praying and praying for God to help me 
mend broken relationships and transform me into someone beautiful inside. Guess what? His grace is so amazing and I guess He's helping me grow into a matured person, after all. Just this week, I was able to talk to my friends with whom I haven't been in good terms with for SEVEN MONTHS. Wow.. I thought I was never ever getting a chance to fix whatever happened among us, but wow--- The Lord just gave us a breakthrough! We talked, gave each other an "I'm sorry" and an "I forgive you", hugged, laughed, caught up with each other's lives, and even ate lunch together! One friend even treated me a Quarter Pounder from Mcdonald's! I'm happy we started 2014 right. I really, really, really am!

Just like how a house gets messy , ugly and dirty while in the process of being repaired and reconstructed, last year was what I could say my biggest downfall. But this 2014 will be the year I step into adulthood, and I am assured that God will bring breakthroughs in my life, and that He has great plans for me! This year, I will blossom, I will grow, and most importantly, I will transform!

Anyway, let me share you what I wore yesterday for my Sorority's first general meeting for the year.
I wanted to wear something appropriate for it-- a button down polo and closed shoes. But I also kept in mind that I do commute to school, so I still had to keep things comfortable, without compromising style, of course.

Top: bazaar
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Flats: payless
Accessories: Forever 21 + bazaars

[ Big thanks to Ken for taking my outfit shots!]

Aaaaand, here's a photo with some sisses at the tambayan! Yay for our first genmeet of the year! :)

                        Right now, I just feel really, really humbled and blessed because I was                                 given another opportunity to make things right this time. So thank you, and thank You!

                                                               The Teenage Queen