First School Day of the Year, First Big Mac of My Life

In line with my New Year's resolution of updating this blog more often, here is a quick #OOTD post of what I wore on the first school day of 2014! :)

I wanted to keep it really simple and comfortable, since I commute to and from Manila-QC everyday. I wore a yellow green top and a pair of light-colored denim shorts to keep the look fresh and cute. I styled the outfit accordingly by tucking in the front part of my shirt to keep the look "lazy and laidback" and by adding a  brown belt for the finishing touches. Also, you can never go wrong with a cute necklace! :)

[shots taken by Ken Reyes at the UP Manila CAS Garden]

Light green top: Forever 21
White camiso (worn inside): Forever 21
Denim shorts: bazaar
Belt: Crossings
Flats: payless
Necklace: Forever 21
yellow ponytail (used as bracelet): I sell them!! hehe contact me if you're interested to buy :P

And here's another set of of outfits shots taken with my oh-so pretty sisters! :)
Say hi ti Kyra and Nat, who were both in stripes for no reason=)))))

(I love-hate how Sergio just ruined this photo HAHAHA)

Batch 13 love!!!! <3 

Oh, and I just wanted to share something we did in school today :))
For our Linguistics class, our professor made us play Bingo as some sort of a game to help us recall the many topics we've discussed about 3 weeks ago. To add to the fun of it, she gave us packs of Boy Bawang to mark the boxes. =))) Guess what?? I never really saw myself winning anyway (hopeless), so by the end of the class period (which was about 1.5 hours), my seatmates were like "uhm Hershey why is your stash of Boy Bawang gone..........." HAHAHAHHA (yes, i ate everything before the game actually ended huhuhu)

And I just found out today that the Mcdonald's branch in Padre Faura just opened!! Wohoooo!
Thus, I grabbed Ken, my forever pig out buddy, to go eat merienda with me. It was our lucky day, too, because we were given discount coupons from Mcdo!!! I bought my FIRST EVER BIG MAC (in my whole 17 years and 11 months of existence) for only 95 pesos! (with drinks na yun ah lol HAHAHAH #jologsforever)

And dannggggggg. Never thought that a Big Mac could be sooo good!!!!! Why did I discover its greatness just now??What have I been doing all my life?? lol (promise guys hindi to sponsored post HAHAHAHA)

Today was an awesome day in school! Hoping the next months will be amazing as well,
The Teenage Queen