Polka Dots to Welcome the New Year

Happy New Year , folks! I know, I know. I'm three days late for this post, but hey, it's not my fault I've been deprived of internet access for 5 days (#hersheyproblemz). But look! Since internet is in my hands now, I can finally ~talk to friends~ and ~stalk their lives~ now HAHAHAHA (ok that just sounded creepy).

Anyway, lemme share you a few photos we took at our Manguray family reunion. 
The fam bam and I were supposed to hit Eastwood for our New Year countdown, but then, all thanks to my psychic powers (not), I figured out that we might as well be getting ourselves tripped over by hundreds of people in a stampede if we still decided to push through with it  ((((Ok im kidding. But still.))))(just in case ya'll didn't know, Jessica Sanchez was going to perform in Eastwood; hence.... PEOPLE. Lots and lots of 'em).
And because my family thought that my prediction was 99.9% true and possible, in the last minute, we called our relatives and said something like "Hey, mind if you adopt us for tonight??"

[outfit segment lolol. Three hundred sixty five days ago, I wore super bright colors for New Year's Eve. For this year, I decided to tame it down a bit and go for dark colors this time.]

And because feel na feel ko yung pagka vintage ng outfit na to, I decided to wear a super vintage belt I saw in my eldest sister's closet. =))) (hello, 1990s HAHA)

Anyway. Back to the family reunion.
Here are photos of us playing with explosives jk HAHAHA

Aaaaand a collage of our family! :) Yay! 

Here's to a greater year ahead,
The Teenage Queen