6 Tips for College Freshies!

  If you're an incoming freshie right now, I would like to congratulate you for making it to college! :)
College is really fun. You get to meet so many people and do a lot of things-- however, it's not all fun and games. Below are 6 simple reminders that I hope you keep in mind as you enter the world of college life: 

1. Take courage, and believe in yourself!

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     We've all been briefed about this: we're not in high school anymore, where almost everyone’s your friend and where the lessons in class are a piece of cake. As the saying goes, "In high school, we were big fishes in a small pond; in college, we are big fishes in an even bigger pond." College will make us realize that we’re actually not the best out there, and that we still have a lot more to learn and to improve on. 

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, THERE WILL be days when college will beat the crap out of you. It will make you cry. It will give you sleepless nights, days, weeks. It will show you your weaknesses; it will tease around your insecurities; it will make you feel like you’re a failure.

                                                        But you’re not. Remember that.

     The good thing is that, more than revealing your insecurities and weaknesses, college will also let you discover your own strengths, talents, and passion- work around those. Work around your strengths to help you survive; don’t box in your talents- share it to everyone around you; never stop chasing your passion, because you were purposed for it. The beautiful thing about college is that it trains you for the real thing. Every day is a learning experience, you just have to pay close attention. You can also learn valuable life lessons from everyone around you- from your profs, to your blockmates, to you barkada, to the food vendors in your cafeteria, etc. And more than that, you also learn life lessons from your own mistakes.

2. Open your mind. Be a critical thinker.

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In college, you will be exposed to new and different things. Don’t be too quick to reject ideas, but don’t be easily swayed as well. Be a critical thinker. Before you make a stand or decide on an issue, get to know all sides of the issue first. Sticking to stereotypes and stigmas (just because it's what the media portrays it to be, or what society says) is what close-minded people do. Do you choose to be one of them? Or do you choose to be a critical thinker?

  3. Choose your friends wisely.

     I know we’ve been told this a million times before, but it wasn’t until college when I realized how true this was.

     Some people – some “friends”-- will use you, consume you, and break you. Be careful and stay away from those so-called "friends". Get to know who the real ones are first before giving too much of yourself.

    Also, remember that the people around you will be huge influences in your life, whether you know it or not. You may think that you won’t get affected at all, but you will. Hang out with people who don’t prioritize their studies, and little by little, you’ll end up not prioritizing yours, too. Stick with people who keep a healthy balance between their studies and social lives, and you’ll find yourself doing the same, too.

 4.  Don't join in the "let's judge other courses!" bandwagon. Encourage each other instead!

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     Avoid the “my-course-is-better-than-yours” mentality, because at the end of the day, it all boils down to where our capabilities, potentials, and most importantly, our passion, will match. If you are passionate for the arts, take a BA course. If you’re passionate about the sciences, take a BS course. We’re in college for one thing, anyway : to discover, hone, and develop OUR skills for OUR future.

When people take a course that fulfils them and that helps them grow as a person, why should we discourage them, right? :)

As what my Orcom 107 professor always tells us: live, and let live.

  5. Join orgs!

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     Don’t let your academics hinder you from learning so much more! Remember, learning isn’t just confined inside the classroom. From joining orgs, you get to learn things that you wouldn’t normally learn in class, like organizing events, establishing connections, working as a team, etc. It is also the perfect avenue for you to release your talents, creativity, and your extra energy. Take your time in finding the perfect org for you, you don't need to rush things. What's important is you find an org where you will grow as a person-- whether it be a dance org, a music org, a theatre org, a fraternity, a sorority, a chorale, an arts org, a photography org, a political org, a pre-med org, a pre-law org, a student publication, etc.!

            Last but definitely not the least, 

      6. Enjoy your college life!

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    Don't worry! Hehe, despite my warning of it being hard and all, college is FUN. It will be a great four (or so.. hehe!) years of your life. You get to meet different people, and discover different things. Don’t forget to enjoy every bit of it while you can, and keep with you all the important lessons that you pick up along the journey.

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