Kiddie Moustache Party!: An Outfit Post

Hey, ho! Greetings from Virginia.
In case you didn't know, my family and I are on vacation right now, and well, to cut things short, I basically did nothing the past three weeks but shop and gain weight.  But new blog posts about cool stuff to try out in the USA await , so stay tuned for that, please? :)

Speaking of shopping, can I just say that the Fourth of July deals here are C R A Z Y?! Talk about big big big discounts!!!! And I must say, I LIVE for Buy 1 Take 1 promos. 

There was this one time when we went to H&M and ended up buying clothes from the Kids' Section.
(Yep, my sister and I can still pass as kids! hahaha!) Which was perfect, because just recently, my family and I celebrated my sister's birthday in advance. The theme of the party, you ask? A KIDDIE MOUSTACHE PARTY. 

I thought it was brilliant, really, to wear kids clothes to a kiddie party. HAHA!

Jacket: H&M (kids)
Top: Cache Cache
Shorts: bazaar
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Love the print of this jacket!!

Here are some photos from the party. We originally planned to go on a picnic that day, but then a thunderstorm decided to ruin our plans, so we ended up staying inside, and bringing the picnic home. It was a blessing in disguise, actually, because things turned out 20x better than what we planned. Hehe! We had a picnic mat (or in Filipino, "banig") and all sorts of decorations to make the place really cozy.


                  On the menu: pinoy style spaghetti, pinoy bbq, chicken wings, and ginataan!

We ordered these pinoy style bbq from "Kababayan", a Filipino restaurant near our place. If you're around Lakeridge in Virginia, it's just a 10-minute drive to get there! Make sure to try out their food, especially their lechon kawali! yum yum yum

A wine especially bought for my ate! Hehe #middlechild

The tres marias <3

With our aunt, uncle, and cousins who drove all the way from Canada just to see us! <3

Siyempre dapat may Filipino flag din! Hehe

Ending this post with a screenshot of my snapchat! Heehee add me! It's heyitshersheyy

For more photos, check out the hashtag #partyintheusa2014 on Instagram!

Talk to you all soon!
The Teenage Queen