Browhaus and Strip's Victorian-Themed Branch at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall!

As you all know, Browhaus seeks to bring us to a different destination each time we visit a particular branch. The Serendra branch is a room full of eyebrows; the Greenbelt branch is one big submarine; the Davao branch is a shooting range; the Lucky Chinatown, a camp site. The theme of their newest branch in SM Megamall Fashion Hall? Victorian!

Last September 18, we were privileged to have witnessed the grand opening of Browhaus Manila + Strip Ministry of Waxing's newest branch in SM Megamall Fashion Hall at the 5th floor.

With fellow bloggers, Alyssa of and Jirbie of | Photo grabbed from Jirbie


I'm a total sucker for themed-parties, and I just wasn't able to contain my happiness and excitement when I found out that the theme for the night's event was CARNIVAL!

Upon arriving at the party, we were directed to a table where we could choose one necklace from. HAY NAKO, I was so pressured!! HAHAHAHA. People were looking and waiting for me to pick just one, and I was this close to blurting out, "Hindi ko alam gusto ko! Hindi ko talaga alam!" =)) #drama #hugot
I ended up picking the color lime tho. hehe.

Check out the uber cute desserts booth! 
They had popcorn, creme brulee, cream puffs, tiramisu, cookies, etc.


The food was amazing, too! My friends and I were able to finish --please don't judge-- 3 servings of pasta! LOL!!!

Wanna take a sneak-peek of how the rooms look like? 
Yeah? I thought so.
Just to brief you real quick, the Browhaus + Strip branch in Megamall is actually one big place.
The left side is where Browhaus is at, while Strip is located at the right side.

The Cashier


Don't you just love the enchanting feel of the colors? The place actually reminds me of mermaids, for some reason. Hehe.


The prints of the walls are so pretty!!!

I love the tint of the mirrors located along the hallway! My reflection looks as if it had been filtered by Instagram!

Love how they put attention to details.

The waiting area is so cute. Ugh.

Okay, now back to the event!

The grand opening was hosted by none other than Ms. Tessa Prieto :)

Ms. Tab of Browhaus Manila giving a short message on how Browhaus and Strip in the Philippines all started.

Pictures of Browhaus and Strip through the years

With Jirbie, Ms. Monique of Browhaus Manila, and Alyssa :)
Than you so much for having us, Ms. Monique! We had such a great time. More power to Browhaus!! <3

 Photo grabbed from Jirbie of

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the party because I had to go home to study for an exam the next morning #studentbloggerproblemz. But I heard there were can-can performers as well as jugglers and other circus performers. So cool!! Just some of the ribbon cutters that night were Andi Manzano, Vanessa Matsunaga, and JM Rodriguez. You may check out Instagram for more photos of the event! #StripMegaFashionHall #BrowhausMegaFashionHall

So happy I got to bring home one of these. Thanks, Strip and Browhaus for this really cool PR kit! Hehe. So cute!!

Ending this post with a selfie with Strip's very own waxing virgin, Jenny!!
Photo grabbed from Alyssa of

Speaking of, I'm going to visit Strip really soon to have my very first Brazilian. I'm nervous yet really excited for this! A lot (and I mean, A LOT) of people- both men and women- have been telling me that once you experience the Strip treatment, you won't want to have it done anywhere else. Thanks again for this opportunity, Strip! :) 

Congratulations on your newest branch, Browhaus and Strip! 
I've always been a regular customer of yours and I'm just so honored to have witnessed this milestone. More power!

The Teenage Queen