Uncle Tetsu Philipines: The Hot Asian Cheesecake Craze Is Finally Here!!

Ever heard of Uncle Tetsu's famous hot cheesecakes? Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore are all going crazy about it (as in, people line up at the store for HOURS just to get hold of their cheesecake fix), and thank goodness this best-selling cheesecake finally arrived here in the Philippines! 

I got so excited when my sister and I were invited to visit the country's first ever Uncle Tetsu branch last month. Its first store is located at the upperground floor annex building of SM Fairview, but we're all looking forward to more branches around the metro this year. Yipeee!!!

Originating from Japan, Uncle Tetsu takes pride in having perfected the art of making Japanese cheesecake- a balance of flavor and form. Each cake is made from only the freshest eggs and cream cheese, creating a distinctive light, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, and preservative-free dessert that's very famous in Asia today.

The great thing about Uncle Tetsu's cheesecakes is that they make sure every cake is freshly made for the customers. We even got to see how they make their famous cheesecakes up close. Lookie-Look!

First, after steam-baking the cakes for 40 minutes, the batch is brought out of the oven to cool down.

It was so cute seeing the cakes in pot-looking pans!!! heehee

Next step, everyone's favorite part:
 the cheesecakes are "stamped" with Uncle Tetsu's uber cute logo! 

Just looking at this warm, fluffy cheesecake makes my mouth drool! Yum yum yum!

Then, they store these delicious, warm cakes in the famous Uncle Tetsu boxes.

Everything in their packaging (from the box down to the wrapper and the paper bag) is imported from Singapore. :)

WOAH! Look at that line! It's no doubt that this newly opened store will definitely be a big hit here in the Philippines as well. If you google Uncle Tetsu in other countries, it's a BIG BIG BIG craze today!

With one of the owners of Uncle Tetsu Philippines, Mr. Carl Co! 

With my sister, Hiyasmin Neri, and Carl Co :)

Thank you for our week-long supply of yummy cake (lol), Uncle Tetsu Philippines!!! 
Everyone in the house loved your cheesecakes! My parents, who are both health-conscious doctors, are a fan of your cakes because Uncle Tetsu Cheesecakes are definitely healthier options for desserts :)

Each cake just costs 299 pesos!

What we love most about Uncle Tetsu cheesecakes is that they're very light and fluffy, and unlike New York cheesecakes, they're not that sweet. Their mild taste is just perfect. The best part? They melt in your mouth!!!

Originally, they're created to be eaten while they're hot and fresh out of the oven, but I prefer refrigerating them first, because I'm a fan of cold cakes hihi. My mom, however, prefers heating them first :)

Like their Facebook page for more details 

And make sure to visit their branch to get your own hot (or cold, whichever way you like em hehe) Asian Cheese Cake!!!!!! <3

I'm definitely going back because I'm craving for one now!!

The Teenage Queen