Who Says You Can't Pair Silver With Gold?

A little black dress is magical.

I originally planned to wear a tight belt around this piece, but then my sister taught me to keep things loose and simple instead. I'm so glad I listened to her advice! She styled my outfit and boy, this LBD has never been so comfortable! 

It's amazing how pairing even the simplest of dresses with a bold necklace goes a long way, don't you agree?

A lot of people are aware of this so-called fashion ban on wearing gold and silver together. Some say it's a definite no-no, but I beg to disagree! 

One thing I learned way back from Tyra Banks' talk show was this: Don't be afraid to pair your silvers with your golds. As seen on the photo above, I wore a gold necklace and a gold pair of shoes, but my rings and earrings were light silver. Also, my arm party consisted of a silver sparkly bracelet and gold chain bracelets! 

According to Stefani Greenfield, co-owner of the hip boutique Scoop, accessories are the easiest way to nail the gold-and-silver trend. Layering gold and silver bracelets, for example, will help you pull off the look. 

(Source: http://www.oprah.com/style/Is-It-Okay-to-Mix-Gold-and-Silver)

Dress: Forever 21| Shoes: Primadonna

These photos were taken on the night of our degree program's 30th anniversary homecoming celebration last September 30, 2014. BA Organizational Communication was brought to the Philippines 30 years ago; to date, only UP Manila and De La Salle University offer the course.

We are just so honored to have witnessed this milestone for OrCom!  Indeed, thank you God for bringing me to this course. I am a shifttee to this degree program- and it is one of my best decisions in life. I've never felt more passionate, driven, and at home. Looking back to how far this journey has gone, it's just amazing how God turned things around. :)

AND OF COURSE, this post won't ever be complete without a photo with THE founder and mother of Organizational Communication in the Philippines herself (!!!!), 

Dr. Angela Sarile.

Ending this post with group shots with my college barkada <3

Say hi to Tricia and April, everyone!

All photos from April Baldovino


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