Brazilian Virgin No More: My "First Time" at STRIP Manila Ministry of Waxing

I've always been afraid of getting a wax done 'down there', but when Strip Manila tapped me to try out their waxing services, I said "Why not??"

 Here's to conquering our fears, ladies! haha!

When Strip Manila gave us an opportunity to try out their XXXX All-Off service, the first two words  that came in my mind were "YAY!" and  "Yikes!!"

But during one of the events I attended two months ago, I overheard a couple of girls talk to each other say, "Grabe. If you try Strip na, you'll never want to have it done anywhere else."

That made me so curious! I wanted to find out what this Strip craze was really all about, so I was totally game for it.


I went to the SM Megamall branch (Remember the virtual tour I wrote on


) and was welcomed with this cute comic book! The heroine's name was "Striperella" and the enemy was some hairy monster. Grabe lang sa details ah, hands down. Pati ba naman comic book, personalized ng Strip?? hahaha. lol. Super cute pls.

Check out their interior!

My super cozy room :)

It was my first time to ever use hot wax. I usually use cold wax because I thought that cold wax was less painful than hot wax- but boy, was I wrong.

Strip's signature hot wax was nothing like I've ever used before

! It wasn't completely painless (because duh, getting a wax is not a massage lol!), but it gave less pain as compared to cold wax. And I also realized that using hot wax down there was better than using cold wax, because it's faster and more soothing- the wax gets stripped off after putting it on your skin, unlike in cold wax where they reuse the wax over and over (ouch! Uncomfortable kaya siya the hair strands get pulled together hahaha) until the procedure is done.

The cutest part about Strip's wax is that they come in two flavors: chocolate and strawberry! The pink wax (strawberry) looked so cute lang, grabe. It actually reminded me of melted ice cream. lol.

Hygiene is #1 priority. It's cool how Strip provides pre-sealed, individually wrapped disposable packs for each customer. This is because they have a "no double dipping policy" to ensure sanitation :) 

Strip Manila's services were superb. My Striperella was such a lovely lady, and she was so patient with me. She made me feel comfortable til the very end of the procedure.

Having a Brazilian done for the first time wasn't as horrifying as I thought it would be. I mean, yes, it was painful at first and it was one crazy experience, but it was tolerable. And eventually, it will end. Like all firsts do.

And the results are amazing. After my wax, the only words said in my mind were "WORTH IT."

I mean it. It was so worth it. Haha! I'm so so happy and clean. lol. I'm definitely going to be a regular customer at Strip. 

If you're going to get a Brazilian for the first time, here are some things I would suggest:

1. Have it done at Strip! lol

2. Drink Advil. They said it will help ease things:)

3. Wear comfy clothing

4. Be confident, be brave, and face your fears!! 

You know how people say that once you go Mac, you never go back? I guess that's the same thing with Strip. They just give you excellent services that just don't compare! <3

Thank you for this opportunity, Strip Manila!! :)


Right after getting my wax, I headed to their sister company, Browhaus, to have my brows groomed and maintained :)

I'm a certified Strip and Browhaus Girl.

Brazilian virgin no more,

The Teenage Queen