Taco Bell's Super Duper Yummy Meat Grillers!

Hey, hey, hey, guys!

Guess what?? We've just been given MORE reasons to love Taco Bell!
They've recently added two new additions to their menu, and they're called 

Product description:
Layers of meat and other flavorful ingredients all grilled and wrapped in a tortilla. And yep, it's heavy enough (trust me) for lunch/ dinner!! :)
The Meaty Grillers come in two varieties:


This one is a personal favorite of mine. I love the potato bits inside gushing with cheese inside this grilled tortilla.  The potato bites is my favorite side dish at Taco Bell, and I'm just so so so happy they thought of putting them inside soft tacos as well! woohoo. Ugh ok now I'm craving for a Chili Cheese Potato Griller. Darnit.

Ingredients: chili beef, jalapeno cheddar cheese sauce, potato bites, flour tortilla


Oh this one's super yummy, too! I love how Taco Bell has localized items in their menu-- this taco has rice in it, guys!! This one's perfect for ricelovers out there. 

Ingredients: fiesta rice, pork bbq, pepper jack sauce, diced onions, flour tortilla

* Meaty Grillers A La Carte Price: 85 pesos each

* Combo Price: 149 pesos (1 meaty grillers, 1 crunchy taco, and a drink!) SAVE 14 PESOS!

 I love Tacobell's signature hot sauce :) They're known for the random phrases on their packets.

A big big thank you to Zomato Philippines for inviting us to this foodie meet up event! 

Zomato is an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service that provides in-depth information for over 260,000 restaurants across 13 countries. Zomato's core content features include menus, photos, and geocoded coordinates of the hottest restaurants and hidden gems in a city.

The website and app are extremely easy to use! In a few simple clicks, users can explore a whole range of restaurants depending on their choice of cuisine, location, and budget. Zomato also allows users to post photos and reviews about their latest gastronomic adventures and share those with over 25 million monthly global users.

VIEW MY POSTS ON ZOMATO, GUYS! My username's hersheyneri :)
If you have a Zomato accnt, pls comment them below so I can view your posts, too!!

I had so much fun with fellow Zomans last Friday! We got a chance to meet different bloggers and try out Taco Bell's yummy food. My favorite part? Winning prizes from games, of course! Haha. Being the bibbo kid inside, games will always be my favorite part of any program. Hahaha. Thanks for the Dencios and David's Tea House gift certificates, Zomato! :) 

(the host was half-kidding when he said I get to win this balloon stand from the game "Bel Bel Hooray" [hep hep hooray])

 Say hi to blogger Kimberly Nieves of www.kimnieves.com! <3

With Cyrene Riparit of www.cyrenedipity.com :)

With Lou Ongpin of www.teampatlou.wordpress.com <3

Happy for new friends! Yay :)

Again, thank you TACO BELL and ZOMATO for the awesome night!

TACO BELL BRANCHES: Trinoma, Gateway 1st floor, and Gateway 3rd floor :)

Group photo grabbed from Taco Bell Philippines

Quick OOTN!!

Shirt: H&M
White top: Bayo
Leather shorts: borrowed from my sorority sis, Cess :)
Birks-inspired sandals: Payless
Bag: Bagellia Filipinas
Necklace: a gift from my cousin
Watch: Aldo

(Thanks for taking my outfit shots, Ken! hihi)

 Check out some freebies we got from Zomato! 
I'm not saying I'm a foodie, but.... 

Ending this post with a throwback to my stressed out college freshman self,  two years ago. Lol. It's still hellweek for us tho. Onting push nalang Christmas break na! HAHAHA.
#IJustWantToBeABurrito #IWantTacoBellBurrito 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Til next time :)
The Teenage Queen