Ways on How to Style a Simple Shirt

Wearing shirts to school is the most comfortable thing ever. If you're a t-shirt person and you want to wear them without ever compromising style, then here's a quick guide for you :)

Watch: Aldo Accessories | Bracelets: bazaars/ tiangge | Rings: gifts from my Ninang

1. Don't be afraid to experiment. 
Styling shirts is fun because you get to do a lot with it! You can:

  • Fold the bottom part up and tie it at the back to make it look like a mid rib (just like what I did in this OOTD post)
  • Roll up your sleeves to give off that relaxed vibe (see THIS)
  • Play with how you tuck in your shirt. You can opt to tuck it in completely, or you may tuck only the front portion of your top, leaving the rest untucked and loose.  (see THIS)
  • Gather the ends and tie a knot in the front
  •  If you're feeling brave, you can play with scissors and cut your shirt into a muscle tee, a fringed top, an off-shouldered top, or even a cropped top! (see THIS)

2. Play with colors.
Whether you're going for black-and-white minimalist, girly-girl pastel, colorful, or whatnot-- playing with colors is totally up to you! Feel free to experiment :)

3. Mix and match.
While you can never go wrong with a nice shirt and denim combo, it doesn't mean you shouldn't step out of your comfort zone. Mix and match whatever you have in your closet- you'll actually be surprised on how endless your options are!

You can wear your shirt with a skirt, over a dress, with a jumpsuit, with a romper, etc. FEEL FREE TO EXPLORE! :)  If you ask me, my rule of thumb is that you follow a color palette  and that your pieces won't give off a heavy, "there's-just-too-much-going-on" vibe to it.

Shirt: Shortcuts Apparel by Laureen and Lorraine| Pastel romper (used as shorts): Forever 21| Blue sneakers: Forever 21| Floral backpack: Roxy | Blue sneakers: Forever 21

All of these photos were taken by my sorority sis, Alyssa Lorenzo, at school. Thanks so much for this, sis! :)

Hope you girls learned a thing or two from this post! Thank you so much for reading :) Please do comment below more of your tips and suggestions on how to style a shirt ! :) I'd love to see your OOTDs, too!

The Teenage Queen