A Classy Vintage Hollywood Costume Party: Christmas Eve

It has been a tradition of ours to play dress-up every Christmas Eve. Last year, we had a Disney-themed costume party (see post HERE). This year, we had a classy vintage Hollywood night!! <3


We originally planned on holding a rockstar party, but at the last minute, we decided to change the theme to this. Haha! 

My costume!
I went as a 1950s girl in a pleated dress!

Dress: MANGO (A Christmas gift from my momma!! yay!!)
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Headdress: Girl Shoppe

Rings: H&M

Ken's costume
Ken went as the guy from Grease! Haha!

Dad's costume
Dad went us a classic 1950s gentleman!

Mom's costume
Mom went as a beautiful, elegant lady from the 20s!

James' costume
Well, he pulled off a Grease costume too hahaha!

Ate Yas' costume

My sister went as a Hollywood glam girl from the 60s!

                  My sister putting make-up on James! Lol why hello there, awesome fake beard!

Group shots!! <3

 Polaroid time!!

#TeamInstaxPh !!! Thanks for my cute dalmatian films, Fujifilm!!

My mom and her awesome Christmas village!

Noche Buena!! <3

How did you guys spend Christmas Eve?:) Comment below! :)
Oh, and happy holidays, everyone!! :* Enjoy quality time with the people you love, and don't forget the reason for this season!! :)

 The Teenage Queen