No haircut regrets for me! Achieving the Behati Hair at Azta Urban Salon!

Ms. Meg, Sir Jo, Steph, and Me

Classes were suspended last Monday due to Typhoon Ruby, and at the same time, Tim and Steph (my balikbayan cousin and his girlfriend, both from Los Angeles)'s flight to Boracay got cancelled, too-- what a bummer! So what better way is there to spend a stormy day than to head on over to the mall and get a haircut, right? right???? LOL, kidding. But seriously, Steph and I decided to get a haircut, anyway. Talk about typhoon preparations!! =)) 

We went to my favorite salon ever, Azta Urban Salon (Eastwood branch)! We set an appointment with my favorite hair stylist (if you've read my previous hair blogs, you'd know why haha), Sir Jo, at 3PM. 

Stephanie and Tim liked the interior! We were also served my favorite home made milk tea, which was an A+. 

Stephanie's "before" shot
She just wanted a trim and layers.

My "before" shot
I had long, permed, and bleached hair. As much as I wanted to keep my balayage ombre ("bombre"), I had to cut my hair because it was already too long. My permed ends were already too loose -- parang pinipilit ko nalang na kulot siya pero hindi talaga HAHA. 

Just thought that I should share this too-- my hair had always been my comfort blanket. Keeping it super long made me feel pretty inside. People would always tell me not to cut my hair anymore because it was "sayang" if I did. 

But for some reason, I just grew so tired of it! I wanted to cut it and forget my insecurities. The timing was perfect, too, since a brand new year is about to begin in a little less than three weeks! 

BEFORE photo

My peg:
VS model Behati's hair!
(photo grabbed from

Say hello to Sir Jo! He literally cut 8 inches off my hair. My hair was THAT long (to help you imagine how long it was, the ends actually touched my buns! HAHAHA)

That's a LOT of hair. =))

Azta was so kind enough to give Steph and I early Christmas presents! Thank you for our hair treatment, Azta Urban Salon! Our hair had never been so soft and touchable! lol. <3


Stephanie's after photo! <3

My after photo! :)
I am actually thinking of cutting it even SHORTER (aba, ang tapang! HAHA) ! I will have it cut shorter this December, definitely. I'm also waiting for my bangs to grow longer so that we can achieve the Behati look! haha! :)

Thank you for being amazing, Sir Jo! And thank you so much for the excellent service, Azta Urban Salon! :) Shout out to Ms. Meg and Ms. Melissa for being so kind and warm. :)

(and yes, naka rainboots pa talaga because #typhoonpreparations HAHAHAHAHA)

Blowdried hair

To achieve natural waves, Sir Jo advises that hair be put in a bun while it's still kind of damp and let it hold there until it dries up. Voila! :)

I'm very happy with how this haircut turned out. Can't wait to buy my own hair curler this Christmas so I can get bigger waves! Any recommendations where to buy one? :)

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