Fujifilm Instax Wanderlaunch : Check out the NEW Hello Kitty Instax Mini , the Instax wide 300, and more!

Fujifilm recently launched their newest instax mini cameras: the Grape-colored and the Raspberry-colored Instax mini 8, the brown Instax mini 90, the Instax wide 300, and the crowd favorite, the new HELLO KITTY INSTAX!

The wanderlaunch took place at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery , Trinoma last Saturday (December 6, 2014). It was my first time going to this particular branch, and I was surprised to see how big the place was! Vanilla Cupcake Bakery branches are all consistently cute and dainty; I love how they pay attention to even the smallest details. Everything is pastel, floral, and girly-- just the way I like it. I seriously don't mind spending the whole day there just munching on their yummy cupcakes! :)

Upon arriving at the event, we were asked to proceed to their instax photo booth. We sat on this cute couch and were given cute Instax sign boards for us to pose with! An Instax representative used her black instax mini 90 to take our polaroid shots. We were given two shots-- one for us to keep, and another one to drop into the raffle box (because they were giving away Hello Kitty instax cameras huhu!!). 

Say hi to my pretty blogger friend, Patty of www.pattyvillegas.com :)

Thanks for taking these shots, Patty babe!

With my blogger friend and fellow Iskolar ng Bayan, Phylicia Pineda of www.phyliciamarie.com (left)
and with the woman who inspired me to blog in the first place, Arnie Villanueva of http://www.arnievillanueva.com ! :) (right)

Look guys! I belong! HAHA! 

Gotta love mintgreen and pink!

For the love of vanilla milkshakes & mason jars! 

Paul the PR Guy and my girl crush Nikita Conwi hosted the event!

And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for-- the wanderlaunch of the newest Instax cameras!

The new GRAPE and RASPBERRY colored Instax Mini 8! 

These cuties were sold for 4,199 pesos before, but now they're at 3,699 pesos!!!

The new Brown Instax Mini 90! 

Before: 8,990 pesos
NOW: 7,999 pesos! 

The new Instax Wide 300! 
6,999 pesos

The cool thing about this camera is that you can attach it to a tripod! 

And now, for everyone's favorite!

IT IS SO ADORABLE, OMG. But here's the catch: THEY ONLY HAVE 200 PIECES OF IT IN THE PHILIPPINES. So hurry, guys! Stocks are so limited!!!

When you avail of a Hello Kitty Instax mini, you get a special Hello Kitty film that they don't even sell in the market!

Mr. Takuya Maeda also shared a story on how Fujifilm Instax started. 

In 1988, instax was produced as a camera for Japanese high school girls. This was so because at that time, Japanese high school girls were trend-setters of Japanese culture (like, they once made weird-looking socks trend in Japan!!)

And because Japanese high school girls then kept tiny school notebooks where they write random notes like school dress codes, etc. on, Instax built a camera that instantly provided girls with small pictures so they can insert them in their notebooks!

Instax ambassador Verniece Enciso 

Photo grabbed from RODEL FLORDELIZ of www.nognoginthecity.com

Say hi to Team Young, Wild, Free! The most bibbo table of the night. HAHA! We were so noisy lol 
L-R ( bloggers Jhanzey, Camie Juan, Michael Macalos, Patty Villegas, Phylicia Pineda, and Rodel Flordeliz)

Ended the event by taking so many selfies with bloggers and friends! lol.

With Nikita Conwe, my super girl crush from RX 93.1!

With one of my first friends on Facebook (lol!) Kyla Zuniga, owner of It's All About Hue and the Ilustrados.

With Verniece!

With Paul of www.paultheprguy.com

With Camie Juan of wild-spirit.net

Say hi to Phylicia!

With Ana of www.anagonzales.com

With Michael of www.michaelmacalos.com

With Seph Cham of www.josephcham.com!

Of course, a photo with Mr. Takuya Maeda himself! He is just such a cute and adorable person! I bet he's such an AWESOME boss. <3

We each got to bring home a package from Instax! It rained films that day. Yay! 

Included in the package were films, washi tape, a leather cover for the camera, and a small notebook! :) I can't wait to do all sorts of DIYs with the cute instax films!!!

Films in Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Dalmatian, Alice in Wonderland, and Stained Glass designs!

I had my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 on my 18th birthday. It was a surprise gift from Ken and my sorority sisses, who all pitched in just because they knew how much I've dreamt of owning a polaroid--and that's why this camera is so special to me. 

Thank you, Instax, for this cute pink leather cover! Now, I can take better care of this camera. Not only do I take extra good care of my Instax because it's cute, but because it's a special gift from very important people in my life :)

I'm ending this post with photos of a very memorable moment that happened 10 months ago!

The "I CRYYYY" face =))

The Teenage Queen