A Prom Guide: 10 Prom Tips for High School Girls! :)

Prom was definitely one of the highlights of my high school life. It's a fun night you get to play dress-up and party with friends.

In the Philippines, prom season happens some time around January to March. And since it's already prom season, allow me to share you some tips for your very special night! :)

Beware: most of the photos here are ANCIENT! lol! (circa 2011-2012)

1. Avoid the rush!

Here's the thing: prom season is C R A Z Y.  By February, you'll see everyone cramming to buy dresses in RTW stores; some designers/dressmakers will be too busy to take you in anymore because they already have a long line-up of gowns to work on. 

So, better yet, plan ahead. If you're planning to have your dress made by a designer or a dressmaker, start tapping them as early as two months before prom night. This will give enough time for adjustments. If however, you plan to buy an RTW dress, avoid joining the rush prom gown shopping craze! :)

(Photos by Bria Cardenas)

Dressmaker: Toby Albrando 

2. Print prom dress pegs to serve as a guide 

 Think of what look you're going with for prom. Decide whether you want a fairytale ball gown, a cute little cocktail dress, or somewhere in between. Already have a color in mind? Perfect. Gather all your pegs in one mood board to serve as your fashion inspiration!  You may google celebrity red carpet events or even blogs to get ideas from. 

Fun fact: my junior prom gown (year 2011) was inspired by Selena Gomez's dress! (This was way before mullet skirts became a fashion trend again!)

Dressmaker: Bridal Factory by Ysabelle 

 3. Preparing for prom doesn't have to be expensive!

Be as creative as possible. You'll never know what treasures you may find in department stores, rental shops, or even inside your mom's/sister's closet!

Remember, prom isn't about how much you spend on your dress or shoes. Looking your best doesn't mean having to wear expensive stuff; it's about being confident in your own skin and carrying yourself well. Put on your dress, tell yourself you're beautiful, and flash that pretty smile, and you'll be a head-turner for sure. :)

4. Have your nails done one or two night/s before!

If you plan on having your nails done, DO NOT do this on the day of the prom itself!

Doing this last-minute will just stress you out. Same rule applies for getting a wax treatment. :P

Photo from Bria Cardenas

5. Get a good night's sleep!

You'll need a lot of energy if you plan to dance the night away. Plus, you won't want to wake up looking stressed and tired, don't you? :)

6. Charge your phones/cameras!

Of course, back in our time, we didn't have iPhones (Instagram didn't even exist then!!) . We only had our digital cameras to help us capture moments. But today, you girls are lucky cause you have your smart phones/iPhones/ iPods. Make sure your gadgets are fully charged and take lots of photos! :) 

7. Prepare at least 5 hours before the event

Allot enough time for hair and make-up, dressing up, and even travel period. This will save you from getting stressed! :P

8. Powder and lipstick will come in handy

Keep these babies in your purse-- you won't want to look oily or pale in pictures!

This photo was from my debut. Looking for debut tips? Click HERE.

9. It's always better with friends around!

Sure, having a date to prom is fun, but that doesn't mean you'll have fun any less without one!

Prom is definitely a great bonding sesh with your barkada. When I was in highschool, my parents wouldn't allow me to go on sleepovers. So my friends booked a room just beside the room that my parents and I stayed at. We connected the two rooms, and then had a sleep-over. How sweet, right? Haha! We even prepared for prom night together and did a mini photo-shoot before we entered the ballroom.

 10. Lastly, don't forget to be confident, let loose, and just have fun!

(Sorry, my heels were killing me! haha!)

Thanks for reading, girls! :) Hope you learned a thing or two! Oh, and enjoy prom! <3


The Teenage Queen