#InstaHershey: 2AM, Still Alive And Hanging On to Dear Life

It's official-- I am a zombie.

My life these past few weeks has been nothing but a never-ending cycle of acads > part-time work > soro work > Dramatista work > errands >online shop business > and more acads >

It's so sad that I don't even have time to blog anymore. Huhu. But the funny thing is, my 8AM professor just informed us tonight that she will cancel class tomorrow--err, later-- so that we could attend this 10-AM film showing at school.

That means, more sleep for me!!!!!! wooohooo----

but not really.

It's 2AM and I just thought of squeezing in this super duper quick post just to let y'all know what's been up the past weeks.

*photos are in random order because im lazy

1. I had an awful cough 2 weeks ago and I literally couldn't smell a thing. We were in Resorts World that night and there was a toilet leakage at the mall and everyone was complaining how it literally smelled like shit there, and I was like "wait....what? what's going on?" *sniffs around*

Here's a photo of our fam bam tea party that Sunday night lol

Oh, right. And I forgot to mention I regularly wear glasses now. Haha. 

2. On a melancholic note, we also mourned for the death of our country's heroes. Here is a tribute to the #Fallen44. We salute you, our heroes.


3. Random tambay days with the sisses and brods 

Photo from Norman King

Speaking of sis, the tall girl at my right is Maolin Yalung, #Binibini09 of this year's Bb. Pilipinas 2015 pageant (Ms. Philippines pageant). We're really, really proud of her!!! Please like her page on


, guys!

 #MaolinForTheWin !!!

4. Finally got to organize my stuff and look!!!!! my sorority pendant is so cute hihi

5. Because Guylian is my favorite. Seashell chocolates rock.

6. Shooting day for Dramalaya 2015. I met my friend Aky's cat Matrix. I wanted to pet her and all, but she hates me. So, so much.

I crei.

7. Our prof in Orcom 143 required us to start businesses of our own. Here's me supporting my friends' desserts business, The Cookie Company. They have the best smores chocolate chip cookie, im not even kidding.

And in case you're asking, our group is selling hipster totebags. Follow us on IG @tote.catalog or like us on FB, Tote Catalog . 

8. I hate morning, really. #8AMClassesAreNotCool

9. UP Manila Dramatista brings you Dramalaya!! <3 Catch us on these dates, guys! And watch the movie I'm in, Three Words. HAHAHHA! I play the role of the cliche supportive best friend in every movie. 

Tickets are sold for 100 bucks (for all 3 movies na to! sulit diba).

Speaking of Dramatista, I also had my first stage play in years. Thank you for the opportunity, Ds <3

UP College of Medicine 

Mediscene 2015

PGH-Science Hall

"Ang Mahiwagang Kahon" directed by Ji Young Lee

10. Valentine's day

Thanks for the chocolates, dad!

V-day date with Ken at Gateway and we stumbled upon Maolin Yalung #Binibini09 HAHAHA <3

11. Also shoutout to Simone's Closet and Wrecker's PH of IG for sending me these cuties!!!

Handmade with love accessories - Simone's Closet

Pacsun bikini- WreckersPH

Also I just want to thank God for giving me a part-time job. I pray that He gives me strength to give my 100% in accomplishing my tasks. Through Him, nothing is impossible, really :)

OK guys as much as i want to stay a bit longer

im so sorry i cant stay awake

this post is so tamad and poorly written and bleh blhe badsfgresd im sleepy ok


good night

i hav school tmrw lelz i mean later

love u all, hope everythings fine w everyone


the teenage queen ZZZzzzZ i sleep now ok bye~

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