Why Are Women Beautiful? :) | Happy Women's Month from the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority!

Women are beautiful. And strong, and brave, and  courageous.

Hershey 2013-B

"The ability to persevere against all odds is what makes women beautiful-- standing bright in their 
glory amidst the shadows of oppression." 
Mara 2013-A

"Women are beautiful because we create our own sunshine of happiness."

Cess 2014-A

"Women are beautiful because we firmly fight yet gracefully listen."
Shane 2014-B

Nat 2013-D

"Women are beautiful because they have the power to create, love, and nurture."

"Women are beautiful. They don't need to fight for the limelight because they are naturally endowed with it."

"We are beautiful simply and exactly because we are women."

"The things she does and the distinct way she acts reflects the genuineness of her heart; her act of kindness that fills the universe with love manifests the pureness of her soul; the inner peace she constantly engulfs gives her the utmost ability to prepare for tough battles and focus on the bright side of life; but above all, it is a woman's indomitable spirit that makes her prepare for tough battles that makes her shine amidst the darkness that threatens to swallow her-- these qualities matter, and it is because of these facets, that she is crowned beautiful."
Mer 2014-B

April 2014-B

Bekai 2009-C

Lili 2009-D

Alyssa 2013-A

Happy International Women's Month from the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila! :)

Please do drop by our two back to back events later at the CAS Little Theater, from 3PM to 7PM!

My baby project, a power-dressing seminar, is finally coming to life today! We ALL have been working on this for more than three months now-- from spons letters to posters to getting speakers to booking flights. We've devoted our blood, sweat, and tears in this, and we're so excited to finally MAKE IT HAPPEN TONIGHT!

Also please watch our for an inspirational talk, Ambassadress of Beauty (a project our very hard-working Cess is OPC of this year), featuring this year's Ambassadresses of Beauty! <3

SEE YOU ALL! 3PM to 7PM at the CAS Little Theater! 

Congratulations to you, to all of us, sisses! LC Bekai, Lili, Alyssa, Mara, Nat, Kyle, Cess, Marga, Kara, Mer, April, Shane, and Gail! I am so proud of each and every one of us. We all gave our 100% best in this, and I just know that as early as now, our event will be successful, because God will help us every step of the way! :) Love you, sisses! <3 

To God be the glory!