It's All Okay.

Pause by Jamie Delos Reyes (White Wall Poetry)


"Baby, I don't have to be the happy ending you're looking for.

I could be the pause.

I could be the deep breath you take before the blue dive.

I could be the feeling you get when there's enough time to linger over coffee.

The dreamdust that leaves your eyes in the morning.

The fading echo of a good day.

Maybe I'm just another chapter.

And that's okay.

Things don't have to last forever to be beautiful."

Jamie Delos Reyes


Black top: unknown brand

Black skater skirt: Wet Seal

Flats: Michael Kors 

All these photos were taken at Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, Bataan. 

My mind's a mess right now. But everything's gonna be okay.


The Teenage Queen