Diary Entry: "Psst. Hi Ate!'

I was hailing a cab along a curb at Bonifacio High Street when a group of perverted, sweaty, jeje sando-wearing jerks in a pick up truck stopped right in front of me.
The guy next to the window howled.
"Pssst. Hi ate!"
His friends cheered him on.
One thing I do not tolerate is street harassment. Just standing there and not doing anything about it makes them feel that they have some sort of power to demean us women.
I rolled my eyes and replied "O. Bakit?"
The guy looked surprised, like it was the first time a girl he tried to degrade actually answered back. His friends were laughing. He answered, "Anong pangalan mo?" and winked.
I kept a straight face, looked at him in the eye, and said "Ikaw? Ano bang pangalan mo?"
I dont know why, but he awkwardly looked down, and then away. Embarrassment was painted all over his face. I could sense that he wanted to drive away from me right then and there.
But then the traffic light turned red.