HANAKO: An Affordable Japanese Restaurant along Don Antonio, Holy Spirit Drive

Shoutout to my fellow Don Antonio peeps!! :)

Don Antonio is a strip along Holy Spirit (near Commonwealth) that might just be the next Katipunan or Maginhawa. It's filled with so many establishments like start-up restaurants, pizza places, coffee shops, fast food chains, salons, spa centres, banks, groceries, etc. 

One of my favorite parts in Don Antonio is The Rock, a dainty mall just in front of Robinson's Super Market. At the top floor is HANAKO, an affordable Japanese restaurant that we recently discovered.

My folks and I LOVE Japanese food. Before, whenever we wanted, let's say, tempura and salmon sashimi for dinner, we usually drove all the way to Tomas Morato to visit our favorite restaurant-- so can you imagine the happiness we felt when we found out that there's a really good Japanese place just 5 minutes away from our house??

5 Star Roll - 189 Pesos
Rating 4.5/5

Salmon Sashimi- 148 pesos
Rating: 4/5

Tempura- 229 pesos
Rating: 4/5

Sukiyaki- 149 pesos
Rating: 5/5 (It's my favorite!!!! I love their sukiyaki!!)

Kani Salad- 139 pesos
Rating: 3/5

Katsu : 188 pesos
Rating: 4/5

Salmon sushi (I forgot the price)


Overall Rating: 4/5

* Good food
* Very Affordable Prices
*Nice ambiance
* Their sukiyaki is a must try

*Slow service
*No Wifi
*The place is small (and crowded sometimes)

What I like most about this place is that it's affordable, compared to other Japanese restaurants. The food is good-- but it isn't really that special-- however, given that the price range is just 150-200+ pesos , it's already a great deal. :) 

We're already regular customers of Hanako. 
If you live near the area, you should try this place out! :) You'll enjoy the food as much as we did!

The Teenage Queen