#InstaHershey : Of Flatlays and Internship Hunting

It's another round of #InstaHershey-- a quick post full of personal stories and whatnots. 

Here it goes :)


All thanks to the academic calendar shift, our school year just ended two weeks ago-- which means our summer vacation's just started!!

This was an Instagram picture I posted the exact day we submitted our last requirement for the sem, and darn it felt so good to (finally) be FREE!!!!

But hep hep.

We've still got a lot of school stuff to focus on.

Like our internships.

The waiting game is so difficult.  Still on the hunt for a company I could intern at.

I've been praying for days now for an internship that matches my skills and personality. :) Here's to an adventure to remember!! 

First swimming getaway this summer was right after my first interview. Lol.

First party this summer was at Amber, Fort Strip with my sisses!! 

Random flat lays! For more, follow me on Instagram! :)


Sunnies by Charlie

Yellow bow from The Bead Diary and hand made bracelet from Simone's Fashion Closet! :)

It was a beautiful mess of freebies at Lazada's Shop Til You Blog event last Wednesday!! :)

So excited to blog all about it. :)

How have you girls been? :)


The Teenage Queen