Maybelline Clear Smooth All-In-One Foundation Review #StepUpChallenge

Hey, girls!

Here's a quick review on Maybelline's Clear Smooth All-In-One-Foundation :)

What is Maybelline Clear Smooth All-In-One-Foundation? 

An all-in-one foundation with an extended longwear for up to 12 hours, a prolonged oil absorption up to 8 hours, and a UV protection at SPF 32 PA +++ for a natural look that lasts all day.


PHP 259

I bought it for:


Claims to:

Have 5x more oil control

Have high UV protection

Give off a smooth, even look on the face

Have a natural finish

Have high lasting power


Step-up and start this new school year right with clear and shine-free beauty powered by the new and improved Clear Smooth All-In-One. " Read about the




Here's a


of the product. I had mine in 04 Honey. 

They have other shades too like 02 Nude Beige and 03 Natural.


I do not have ANY make-up on in this picture (if you're asking, my eyelashes were permed four days ago at 

Browhaus Manila 


As you can notice, I do not have perfect skin, evidently shown by the blemishes and pimple marks on my face.


I like how natural the foundation looks like on my face; it barely seems like I put on any make-up at all, except that my skin


three times clearer now (lol). The foundation doesn't feel "heavy on the face", either.

I now use this foundation to work every day. It gives off just the right amount of coverage, and at the same time, it looks very natural, too-- perfect for students like us! :)

I'm a proud Maybelline Baby! :)

Baby Lips x Lipstick by Maybelline

Final Verdict:

Packaging: 4/5

Quality: 4/5

Price: 5/5 

And as for the #StepUpChallenge, I just want to thank Maybelline Philippines for reminding us girls that we could do anything, as long as we put our hearts and minds into it.

I'm very happy to say that I have been learning so much from my experience as a marketing intern. I'm already on Week 2 of my internship, and, though there have been tough times, I'm enjoying a lot! Can't help but just be thankful to God for putting me here.

What about you, girls? How do you plan to step up this school year? Let me know through the comment box below! :P