Noriter: A Cozy Cafe in Taft, Manila

Most students in Taft have, at least once in their lives, gone to Noriter-- the famous Korean Cafe located in front of the De La Salle University. Known for its cozy, artsy, and Instagram-worthy ambiance, people go to this cafe to study and to chill.

The cafe serves coffees, desserts, and even meals. I must admit that the food and coffee aren't much (taste and quality wise, they're just so-so), and that the price range is a little too much for students (it ranges from 100 pesos to 165 pesos), but it's a really nice place to go to if you just want to take good pictures or if you're looking for a quiet place to study or to chill at.

The whole place is filled with vandalisms-- which is pretty cool. You have the freedom to leave your mark on anything, anywhere.

The place is so artsy, too! Everything's in line with the theme, even down to the last detail.

The room is very spacious. They have long tables and even two-level bunks. 

I was with my blockmates (aka study group..yehess!!) , JR and Mona, when I first visited Noriter. We started on our papers and studied for our exam over coffee and pasta.

Their coffee was very milky and sweet. Mona didn't like it, but I loved it. (Pambata talaga panlasa ko, guys. HAHA.) 

I had carbonara for PHP 160. It's a little expensive but I thought it was pretty darn good!! It was meaty and creamy.

Lovin' the tiny decorations!!

Cute water dispenser!

Writings on the table

Price- 2.5/5
Food- 3/5
Ambiance- 4/5

Do I recommend this place?
If you're someone who loves to take pictures, I'd definitely recommend Noriter! You're sure to have a great time with your friends here. :)