Camp Courage PH: An empowering advocacy for today's teen Filipinas!

Youth empowerment is something I will always be in support of, and that is why it was an honor to have witnessed the launch of CAMP COURAGE, a campaign whose advocacy I believed in.

Did you know that 75% of girls ages 13-17 want to feel accepted yet are afraid of being judged? Dyahe, hiya, and kaba are brought about by many changes that young Filipinas encounter, both socially and physically.

While the teenage years signal for a more promising phase in an individual's life, many miss to seize the opportunities in front of them due to their insecurities and the lack of knowledge to empower them. These feelings become even more amplified with the changes that they start to experience in their own bodies, such as breakouts, oiliness, wetness down there, and monthly periods.

In its desire to understand and address the needs of Filipina teens, Johnson and Johnson Philippines came up with CAMP COURAGE.

Mary Clare Pineda and Isabel Garcia (founder of The Better Story Project) talk about confidence and saying yes to every opportunity 


It is a movement and an advocacy that empowers today's Filipina teens to celebrate their teenage years and to realize their full potentials.

Camp Courage will go around the Philippines to reach out to 400,000 Filipina teens in 500 schools nationwide. It will conduct workshops and activities that will help girls understand their bodies even better, know the right things to do in any situation, and find opportunities where they can enhance their talents and skills even more.

By September 2015, will be launched where teens can support each other by sharing stories that can motivate them to seize the moment.

Karen Co, Group Brand Manager for Teen Brands, Johnson and Johnson Philippines

Tumblers were scattered all over the tables so that we can design em and take them home!! Cute, huh??

 Our table!!

Liza Soberano, the face of the Camp Courage campaign, graced us with her presence today. 

"Just like any other teenager, I also go through a lot of insecurities that make me doubt myself and restrain me from moving confidently. Not many people know this, but every time I face  a large crowd, I experience stage fright. However, I've learned from the women I look up to that the teenage years is a very exciting phase in one's life-- packed with opportunities that we can't allow to pass. That is why I am one with Camp Courage in empowering girls like me to be more confident to seize every moment."  -- Liza Soberano

The three other Camp Courage senior scouts joined Liza on stage and showed us their Camp Courage cheer!

With Ms. Cathy De Asis and my blogger friends, Phylicia Pineda and Stephanie Lee

Say hi to Kali Huff and Czari Domingo-- my buddies today!! hehe!

 Thanks for having us today, Johnson and Johnson! :) This is a really nice step towards youth and women empowerment; you have our support in this!