Cheenee and Cookie Salon: A Shabby Chic Nail Salon at BGC Owned by Sisters!

C&C Salon owners, Cookie (left) and Cheenee (right). Photo by Jayvee Florendo

I had been itching to get a mani-pedi since forever, and so two weeks ago, I visited a shabby chic and homey salon to get the job done. The awesome part? It's literally just one building away from our office at BGC!  #BGCWorkingGirlPerks hahaha.

Cheenee and Cookie Salon (or "C and C Salon") is owned by (surprise, surprise) young-fresh-and-unbreakable-duo-and-sisters-in-real-life, Cheenee and Cookie. It is located in F1 Hotel, which is just in front of Home Depot and S&R.

Inside the salon, you'll notice how comfortable the place is. No loud interiors, no extravagant lighting, no walls that scream out hot pink and girly. Instead, you'll see colors of neutral grays, subtle purples, and classic whites. Everything is classy-- but not over the top. It was the perfect mix of sophisticated and casual, shabby and chic. The place reminded me of a doll house; a home away from home. 

Here's a quick tour of the salon:

The staircase is adorable! 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Top: Aeropostale, Cardigan: tiangge, Skirt: Forever 21, Bag: from States

The 2nd floor is my favorite part of the salon. It's the ideal venue for girls' night outs and for intimate dates with your loved one.

The owners said that the salon was themed grey and purple to make their customers more at ease. The last thing whey wanted was to  intimidate their "guy guests" by making the place look very girly. C&C Salon is a home away from home, and that is why it is important to make every guest feel relaxed and comfortable.

Here's a super quick interview with young, brilliant entrepreneur sisters, Cheenee and Cookie :)

H: What is Cheenee and Cookie passionate about?
C &C Salon: Together, as sisters, we have a passion to make others feel beautiful inside and out. Whether through foot spas or nail cleaning/design, we enjoy giving people the pampering they deserve.

H: What inspired you to open C& C Salon?
C& C Salon: BGC is a very busy area. Many people are always at work and in a rush. We were inspired to start C&C because we wanted to create a place for people to relax in the midst of their busy schedule. It is their home away from home. Also, we wanted to start our own business at a young age.

H: What can people expect from C&C Salon?
C&C Salon: People can expect to be surrounded by a shabby chic environment that helps you relax as if you were at home. C&C teaches our team of aestheticians to help you feel the value you have. We call you "guests", not  "customers".

H: What motto does Cheenee and Cookie live by?
C&C: Our two main mottos are "You deserve it.", and "If you don't treat yourself, you cheat yourself."

One thing I like about C&C Salon is their services are very personal. When availing of their foot spa treatments, you get to choose your own scent. Serene smells like lavender, Sweet reminded me of vanilla milkshakes, and Sassy, with its citrus scent, awakened my senses. Guess what I chose? :P (hint: I love everything sweet!)

Another reason why their services are superb is because they value sanitation more than anything. Each guest is given his/her own ziplock with the ff. inside: a nail brush, a nail file, nail buffers, and sterilized tools.  After your service, you get to keep your file and buffers. 

Pampering time!
Choosing the polish color is always the hardest part, don't you agree?

I ended up choosing Orly in pink! It's so fresh and dainty!

Thanks for being so kind and accommodating, Cookie! Your passion inspires me so much. Continue on doing what you girls do. With a genuine heart and a fighting spirit like yours, you two will definitely go a long way! 

With co-owner, Cookie!

Happy!! :)

Great news!
C&C Salon is having a special 50% off promo from August 20 to August 31, 2015. 
MANI+PEDI with imported polish: 270 pesos (from 540 pesos)

Off to school. I'm ready to seize the day with dainty nails!! :)

Do I recommend going to this place? YES!! Do drop by if you're at BGC area!

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