Pin It Pinas: Pinterest Philippines is here, and we're all hooked!!

Check out my board! :)

Hey, everyone!
I'm pretty sure y'all heard of Pinterest, right? Just in case you haven't yet (which also means you might be living under a rock then, cause Pinterest is everywhere now, hahahaha kidding!!) , it's a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. And guess what? I'm HOOKED!

You can pin things (on any topic you want!) from around the web to your very own board. Personally, I use Pinterest to help me get ideas and inspiration for OOTDs, DIY projects, and recipes to make (yes, I've recently fallen in love with the kitchen, you guys! Here's to being a step closer to becoming a #domesticgoddess. Lol) . What's awesome about Pinterest is that it's not just about photos! Each pin links you to the website where it came from so you can learn and discover more about it. 

Anyway, I find Pinterest REALLY, REALLY useful! It's my mood board for pegs and inspiration, and   you'll find it helpful for you, too, especially if you're a visual thinker like me. Hehe. (Just in case you're asking, my account is  )

If you don't have an account yet, the first 10 people can sign up using this exclusive invite link. Whoever is not on Pinterest yet can use that link; it's available only for a limited time so hurry!
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Here are some stuff I pinned on my board recently. I pinned them from different websites and accounts. :)

And here are my very own posts! :)

I'd love to see YOUR board! Please comment your Pinterest accounts below so I can follow you.