Hey Hershey: Loreal True Match Media Event for the Perfect No Make Up Look #FoundMyTrueMatch

September 27, 2015
Farmacy, BGC
for the PERFECT NO MAKE UP LOOK #FoundMyTrueMatch

I have always, always, ALWAYS been a fan of Loreal True Match foundations for the following reasons:

1. I don't get allergic reactions/ pimples from using it (I have sensitive skin).
2. It's very light on the face (which is perfect for our country's very humid weather).
3. It's formulated to match Asian skin.

So when Loreal invited us to the media launch of their new and improved Loreal True Match line, I didn't even think twice about going!! 

When we got to the event, we were given an empty box each to fill in with our own True Match essentials for the perfect #nomakeup look. We went to different stations on a search for our own #TrueMatch shades. After finding our #truematch shade per station, we were handed a key to keep with us 'til the end. After completing all 4 stations, we were asked to "unlock" a hunk (lol) to find out if we matched! If you get to unlock one, you get a special prize. 

I swear I couldn't remember myself being THIS giddy in a media event!! We had so much fun running around places and talking to different people. Lol. Please allow me to tour you round a little!!


The Loreal True Match Blur Cream works like magic. Its micro blur technology soft focuses skin and optically smooths pores. It is non-greasy and weightless-- I swear you'd barely even feel like you're wearing make-up! 

I use this blur cream every day now. I usually put it on my t-zone area cause I have really oily skin and visible pores.

Thank you, Ms. Joan Teotico of Loreal! :)


Ahh. Now for the star of the show-- the world's #1 foundation.

The #NoMakeUp look has never been easier with the new and improved True Match foundation. Its formula now blends faster than ever, so it looks more natural than ever. It has 15 shades to choose from-- all customized to match Asian skin tones and undertones. Awesome.

For station 2, we were asked to get in The Black Fleet-- a gorgeous limousine bus.

This. is. so. cool.

And lol, guess who I met inside?! THE one and only, Ms. Verna Marin-- Loreal Philippines' senior makeup artist (who also happened to be the make-up artist at my debut a year and a half ago! Hahaha! Talk about destiny!)

Miss Verna helped me find my true match shade. (For those curious, I'm a G3 Gold Vanilla).


Aaah. I'm in love with this concealer, too! It's very easy to lightweight and easy to blend-- perfect for school girls like me!

Thank you, Ms. Roberta Millena! :)


Ooooh. I liked this station, too!! (Lahat nalang! HAHA!)

Introducing Loreal's Brow Artist in two types:  the brow genius kit and the brow artist designer pro.

"The Brow Genius Kit is the ultimate all-in-one brow kit. It contains styling wax, tinted powder, and a spoolie. The pigmented wax holds for 12 hours and the natural shaded powder allows for buildable color."

The 3-in-1 brow artist designer pro is equipped with a brow pencil, a brow eyeshadow, and a spoolie!


Both the brow kit and the designer pro come in two shades: light and dark.
(If you're asking,  I got the light brow kit and the dark designer pro.) 

Thank you so much, Ms. Gex Garcia! 

Tada! Mission accomplished!! :)

Now it's time to test if the keys I got could unlock a hunk. Lol! 

AND YEP. It did! 

And I won two tickets to a movie screening! Yay!! :)


Just posting this here cause her Trisha's gray hair looks really, really neat!!

After filling in our boxes with Loreal goodies, we filled our tummies with burgers and ice cream! 


Thank you so much for inviting us to this event!! :) Had such a blast, you guys! Til next time!

With Jan Baybay, my life peg in every aspect of my life?? Haha. 

Thanks for the great  time, Cathy!! You're such a fun person to be with!

And yep guys, I'm trying to start this whole vlogging thing. Here's my first ever video blog! Hahaha and yes, this is how kulit we really are in person! #truematch #truecolor #trueself #letsgetreal 

Do I recommend Loreal True Match products?


They're perfect for Asian skin, and I'm not even being biased about this. Try it out for yourselves, ladies!! :)