Khaleesi Diva Day: A Doggie Birthday Party!

Ever wondered how a doggie party looks like? Well, yesterday, Khaleesi the Diva--yup, that adorable chihuahua on Instagram-- celebrated her first birthday, and Hachiko and I were invited!

The theme of the party was Chanel, so everything was in classy black and white and pink. 

Oh, and see that big cake over there? It's made of liver and it wasn't served to us humans, but to the doggie guests!! HUHUHU SO CUTE!!!

These chocolate cupcakes were served only to us humans though. Lol. Sorry, doggies!

Loot bags for the doggie guests!! :) Thanks for Hachiko's cute ribbon and snacks, Khaleesi!

My sis Jean was the one who invited me to the party. We've always made jokes about us growing up as crazy dog ladies and us being such #titasofmanila, but when yesterday just happened, we realized we've become amigas to a whole new level....


The ladies and gentledogs came in nothing but their best outfits! 


What do they eat, you ask?
LIVER CUPCAKES!!!! (everything's edible, from the icing down to the paper cup made of rice)

"I want more, please!"

Hachiko loved it! <3

Squad goals!!

The real party happened under the table.. lol.

Human guests came in with doggie treats too!

It was so nice seeing our dogs play around and be happy!! :) 

"BAKIT GANUN MAS MASAYA PA AKO SA ASO KO????", I semi-shouted in front of everyone because I was just too happy. <3

The beautiful birthday celebrant! Hey, Khaleesi the Diva!

It was really nice meeting new friends that day!
Please follow their Instagram accounts for a daily dose of cuteness!


Someone had a big day :') teeehee!