Super New, Super You: Maybelline Super BB Cream Giveaway Contest

"I love you, that's why I'm trying to change you."

That was probably the biggest lie I've heard from a past relationship. After years and years of being told I'm not lady-like enough, or street smart enough, or responsible enough, or thin enough, or fair enough, or flawless enough, I eventually (oh god, thankfully) figured out that I have had enough. A person who loves you won't make such a big deal out of your flaws. And a person who loves you won't try to make you fit into a "perfect girl" cookie-cutter mold and hope you come out as his very own "ideal girlfriend". 

Now, don't go around thinking I'm this expert love guru, master of relationshipsbecause I am not. I might as well be "halaman" til God-knows-when cause I'm pretty good at ruining my own relationships with my awkwardness, too. Lol. But one thing I'm certain at is that love shouldn't be complicated, and that love shouldn't pull you down, and that love shouldn't force you to pretend to be someone you're not.

"I'm trying to protect you because you won't survive by yourself."

He used to say I'm such a damsel in distress. I've been told that I won't last a week out alone. But you know what?

I like to think that I've come out of this a lot stronger, and a little bit wiser. And it's about time I prove myself that sometimes, the princess doesn't need saving.

And in an endless pursuit of truth, I declare that 2016 will be the year I learn to be strong— even if it means having to journey on my own.

What's your New Year's resolution? We'd love to hear it, so please SHARE IT WITH US! :)


1. Take a snapshot like this and upload it on Instagram together with the hashtags #SuperBBCream #SuperNewSuperYou #SuperBBxHershey. You can write your resolutions on any piece of paper. The top 3 posts with the best captions will win a very, very special gift pack from Maybelline Philippines!

2. Make sure to set your photos on public so we can view them!
3. You can send in as many entries as you want as long as you don't use the same photo! Oh and no need to tag me in it, too. :)

GOOD LUCK! And have a SUPER year ahead! :)

Photo by Carlo De Guzman (Carlo de Guzman)

Make up by Janine Monroy (Makeup Duty by Janine Monroy)

 Stay tuned this week for a product review of Maybelline's revolutionary, highly pigmented BB Cream! :)