#The20FirstsProject: Learn to Play the Ukulele

So remember my #


this year?

 10 years from now, I'd remember the year 2016 as The Year I Turned 20. Aka The Year I Made Sure I Lived Out the Teenage Dream Before It was Too Late. (Jeez. I'm a walking cliche, huh?) Hence, on one quiet night at the backseat of my dad's car, this little life journey of a project was born.     There is always this unexplainable, exhilarating feeling you get from A First. We may not remember it then, but our First Walk, for example. Or fast forward to high school and our memories flash back to our First Kiss. A few years after, and BAM. We meet our First Love. And then experience our First Heartache. And our First Uno and our First Singko and our First Road Trip Adventure and our First Solo Flight and our First Job and our First Pay Day Family Dinner and everything in between.     Our Firsts, either blessings or lessons, would always hold a special place in our hearts. Our Firsts help keep us going; they help us get up from bed and look forward to what adventures await us.     So here's to experiencing new things every day.      And most of all, here's to enjoying our own personal journeys, and learning the lessons from the Best Teacher Out There—Life.

Well, I got so caught up with work and thesis

and a series of devastating, unfortunate events that I'd rather not talk about anymore

, so I wasn't able to update the list. Lol.

But hey, I'm *finally* on a fresh and brand new start. Just wanna share that, with God's guidance and the support of loved ones, I successfully defended my thesis yesterday, plus, I think I'm feeling more emotionally and mentally stable than I was 4 months ago. And hey, I'm actually looking forward to what life has to offer in the last 6 months of 2016, so let's get this 20 Firsts Project started once again, shall we?

Here goes entry number two!

Last February, I heard about

Uke Box Caffe'

s Sunday free ukulele workshops. I've always said I wanted to learn a new instrument this year, and maybe this was just the sign I needed!! I am really glad I decided to attend cause I met new friends and a community where ukulele enthusiasts can help and support each other grow!

You can read about our ukulele workshop experience in detail 


The following week, somebody decided to buy herself an early birthday present. Uke Box has ukes in all shapes and sizes!! I got this pink heart-shaped ukulele (soprano) by Makulay for PHP 1900, and it came with a free bag.

The ukulele is very easy to learn and play. Plus, it's really easy to carry around with you so it's a great choice of instrument when jamming with friends. (A huge thanks to Try De Guzman for being an amazing teacher!!)

I still have a lot to learn, but I'm enjoying the whole process! Patience and perseverance really help.

Music is a beautiful gift that life offers us everyday.Whenever I feel down, I always lock myself in my room and play strum happy songs to cheer me up. 

Thank you for the gift of music! :)