#The20FirstsProject: Ride a Kalesa to School

May 14, 2016

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. How do I even begin to tell this story??

Let's just say I was running REALLY late for class and I had to get to school—





(HAHHAA late na pero of course may time pang magpa picture???)

I know this is crazy and all, but it's not every day you find an excuse to ride a kalesa in Manila on a random day, right? Some people in school who saw me asked /why/ I did it, but I told them sometimes, a little crazy is good for you.

You can never really please everyone, and you will always get judged by people no matter what, but you know what?

Just do what you wanna do, and enjoy life!!! :)

Life is beautiful, after all. :) Have fun!