Fun Things to Do in Hong Kong: Biking at Cheung Chau Island!

Dad and I went to Hong Kong three weeks ago WITHOUT an itinerary in mind (I guess spontaneity runs in the genes, huh?), so I did what any other millennial would do in a time like this:

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My friend Jad suggested that we try biking at Cheung Chau Island, and so we did.

Cheung Chau 

is part of the Hong Kong Islands district. It is a quiet little fishing village where people could take a dip at the beach, eat at sea food restaurants, visit temples, and go around on rented bikes.


Dad and I took a train to

Central Station

. From there, we walked all the way to


in front of the

IFC Mall.

You could choose to take either the fast ferry (45 minute-ride) or the ordinary ferry (1 hr-ride).

We took the fast one and paid around 24 HK dollars for each of our ticket (that's around PHP 168).

All aboard!

The ferry was clean and air-conditioned. The seats were comfortable, too, which explains why I fell asleep on the way to the island. Lol.

Ferry schedules and rates

Getting to Cheung Chau was a breeze, but finding a place to rent bikes was another story.

Because most of the locals in the place did not speak English, looking for bike rental shops were quite a challenge for us. We walked around for a good 20 minutes, before we found a man who told us that there was one beside the bush of flowers at the right (well, he didn't really say it-- he

acted it out! In fairness!!)

Finally, we found one (about a 10-minute from the pier) at the left side of the island. I rented a bicycle for

10 HKD per hour 

( PHP 70), while dad got the tricycle for around

20 HKD per hour (

PHP 140).

We were also asked to pay a refundable free of

200 HKD 

(around PHP1,400) as security deposit.

I really wanted to eat at a cafe and check out the temple, but because we had other things to do to that day, we decided to only spend 1.5 hours on the island. We ended up biking to the beach, checking out quaint little shops,  meeting some locals, and taking lots and lots of photos!

We went inside this super cute doggie shop. Not only did it have beds and doggie clothes (ranging from costumes, to swimwear, and even formal attire!), but they also had cute, fluffy dogs lounging around and enjoying the air-conditioning. HUHU ADORABLE.

Of course,


 squealed a little when we found this tiny ukulele store! The lady was kind enough to let me play a song with it.

What I love about Cheung Chau is the simplicity of the place. Everyone's so relaxed and the time, slow-paced. The beach was not what we could call majestic, but it was charming.

While enjoying the beach and the heat of the sun, a group of ladies approached us. I couldn't understand Chinese, and they couldn't speak English, so we were basically playing charades for a good 20 seconds before I realized that they wanted to take a photo with me! Haha! we took (a lot of) photos together, exchanged laughter, and shared a pretty fun moment together, too. True enough, laughter


the universal language, and f

riendship knows no barrier.

Dad and I also made another friend that day! Shirley studies at the States, but is spending her summer vacation at Hong Kong right now to help her grandma out with the shop! We bought ice candy and frozen pineapples from her. :)

Cheung Chau had me captivated. Before leaving the island, I badly wanted to bring something home with me as a remembrance.

On the way back to the ferry, we chanced upon this backpack in a quiet little stall, and bought it right away.

I fell in love with this island so hard, I'm definitely coming back the next time we fly to Hong Kong! Hopefully, we could spend the whole day to wander around even more, then. :)

Watch this 30-second video for a quick tour of the place!! :D


Feel free to comment below or 


me if you have any questions! :)