The Kikay Officemate: My Office Supply Haul From The Paperstone PH!

I like being a girly girl. No wait, scratch that—I adore being a girly-girl.

I love wearing flowy dresses and killer lipstick and sky-high heels. If I could, I would bask in the glory of pastels and glitters and fur. All day. Which is probably why my colleagues have already labelled me as "that kikay officemate", which I've eventually learned to embrace.

Making sure I don't go "off brand",  I carefully curate my everyday weapons of choice (or you know, at least try to): my phone is pink, my bag organizer is purple, and I even gave myself a pat on the back when I realized I went a little extra after buying a pink, sparkly glitter case for my laptop. 

Point is, I'm addicted to all things cute, which is why my heart jumped for joy after stepping in

The Paperstone Philippines

' doors for the first time.

The Paperstone Philippines

might as well be paradise for the stationery-obsessed. If you're a fan of all things cute, this shop is totally for you.

Everything inside the store's carefully designed with love, all the way from Korea and Singapore. The best part? There's always something to look forward to, because new products are released there every month! Each design is produced in limited quantities too, so once it's so old, a reprint of that particular design is highly unlikely—which means there's a huge chance you won't find someone else walking around with the same notebook/tumbler/pen/whatever as you do!

My boyfriend Josh and I gave the place a visit last week, after deciding I wanted to give my new office desk a makeover (just in case I haven't told y'all, I left my job in digital advertising two months ago, and started out in the publishing industry just recently!). 

We spent a good 40 minutes walking around and pointing at cute stuff I can use for work (the requirements were: 1) it must be cute, and 2) it must be pink). 

But of course, before we guys share what we got from our shopping haul, take a look at some other adorable stuff we spotted at

The Paperstone!

This journal is perfect for #hustlers!

OMG. These princess pens are too cute!

Josh bought this notebook for his mom, whose name is Joy. Awwww! <3

And finally, aren't these greeting cards adorbs??

Now on to our top picks!

There's no denying that I left the store with a huge grin on my face! We ended up getting these:

  • A polka dot pink magazine holder (PHP 545)
  • Printed pink scissors (PHP 185)
  • A cute doodling notebook
  • A #GoalDigger notebook (PHP 80)
  • A millennial pink pen

Finally, I found a cute notebook where I can write down random ideas and things to do!

I love how it's fun-sized, too. I can carry it around anywhere I go (to the meeting room, while running errands, etc) to jot down important things!

My current obsession: all things millennial pink!

This gel pen is soooo precious! The Paperstone also sells refills for these pens, so you won't have to worry about its ink running out.

Quirky scissors, anyone?


I can't believe this cute notebook sells at only 80 bucks!

I even bought an underwater-themed notebook for Josh, since he was such a patient #InstagramBoyfriend that day. Lol!

He loves the sea!

I can't wait to go back to the office next week so I can finally personalize my desk and give it a makeover! Stay tuned for that, yes? :)

Talk to you soon, guys! :)

The Paperstone Philippines

Instagram: @thepaperstoneph