This Local Fashion Brand's Newest Collection is Every Barbie Girl's Dream Come True!

Like any sheltered doctor's child, I wasn't allowed to run outside in the streets with the neighbourhood kids.

My only playmates then? My library, my favorite afternoon shows on TV, and of course Barbie!

Believe it or not, playing with my Barbie dolls really taught me to be confident. As a little girl with a doll in hand, I knew that possibilities were endless. I could be whoever I wanted to be that day—a doctor, an astronaut, a lifeguard, a teacher, a fashion designer, and even a princess!

It's been years since I last played make-believe with my dolls, so imagine how happy I was when I heard that one of my favorite local fashion brands, Plains & Prints, partnered with Barbie for their newest collection!! Yep, the 7-year-old in me squealed with kilig!

Career-oriented and stylish, Barbie and her timeless elegance mirrors what Plains and Prints is all about. The Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection features pieces inspired by iconic Barbie dolls from different eras: Teenage Fashion (1959), Parisienne (1959), All That Jazz (1968), Winter Concert (2002), Chinoiserie Red (2004), Mod Redux (2004), Ballet Wishes (2013), Blush Beauty  (2015), Party Perfect (2016), and Soda Shop (2016).

Check out where Anne Curtis' dress above drew inspiration from! This vintage Teenage Fashion doll is a classic!

Treated myself to a repro 1959 Barbie 💋 this one was made in 1993 for Barbie's 35th anniversary ❤ so it's almost the same age as me 😄 #nevergrowup #dollcollector #barbie #classicbarbie #1959barbie #barbierepro #barbiedoll #mattel #barbieteenagefashionmodel #vintagebarbie
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The collection was launched to the media last October 18 at SM Megamall. We got to tour around a LIFE-SIZE DOLL HOUSE, you guys!!

AHH! I got to be a Barbie doll for a day—what dream come true! 

Twinning outfits with my blogger friend, Ruth of!

HAHA why do I look like an awkward robot in these photos...??

We also got to see the collection firsthand! Everything's soooo cute, I want them all!

Plains & Prints ambassador, the gorgeous Anne Curtis, was also at the launch!

I also got to play a super quick game with her for work! Check out the video at NoInk!

Of course, we didn't go home empty handed. Plains & Prints gave each of us our very own limited edition Barbie dolls! Naturally, I chose a red-head Barbie!!! #TWINNING!

Soooo happy with my red-haired doll! You too can get your hands on one of these. Check out Plains & Prints for more info.

This Barbie-inspired collection will be available in all Plains & Prints stores nationwide starting on November 7.

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