You Can Eat Unlimited Samgyeopsal For Only 365 Pesos at This Restaurant in Tomas Morato

Our office's resident K-Pop girl just came back from her trip to Korea, and guess what she gave us as pasalubong? A cute pair of metal chopsticks!!! YASSSS.

We were so excited to use them! Right after work, we took a trike to Tomas Morato to eat at a Korean restaurant (Haha! Ang bibibbo!).

We ended up at OGANE, a no-frills restaurant that offers unli-samgyeopsal for only PHP 365.

The place isn't anything fancy. It's packed with lots of people and it can even get quite warm inside—but hey, they offer authentic Korean food at a really affordable price, and that's what matters, right?

Their meat is eat-all-you-can, but their side dishes aren't. However, you can have each plate refilled up to two times—so it's a side dish party, still!

*happy dancing*

I cannot grill food to save my life, so it's a good thing my officemates, Mikka and Arbie, did the cooking while I did most of the, er, eating. 

In this photo you'll see Mikka in her natural habitat :P

YAY!!!! EGGS!! 

Okay, so now I'm craving Korean food. </3


- Their food is really good (and true to their promise, pretty legit!)

- Staff are very friendly

- Prices are super affordable!


- Place can be packed with people, so you might have to wait

- Parking can be difficult, so it's much better to commute going there

- It can get a bit warm inside from all the grilling

Do I recommend this place? YES! 

It's the perfect go-to for when you need a quick, fuss-free samgyeopsal fix.

OGANE Restaurant


OGANE Restaurant


303 Tomas Morato Avenue, 

Barangay South Triangle Quezon City, Philippines