Girl Talk: Confessions of a Girl With PCOS!

Greetings from Los Angeles, Nevada! :)

It's 3AM and we're heading off to Arizona in a few hours, but I figured I could write a quick blog entry before I enter Dreamland!

Today, we're going to talk about menstruation. Yes, menstruation. I know it was a pretty taboo subject growing up, but hey, it's 2017—and it's about time women are given a voice on things that matter to them. Periods are completely natural, and talking about our red days is nothing to be ashamed of!

Okay now back to the subject. Just like thousands and thousands of other girls, I take birth control pills to treat my PCOS, aka Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (#DontTakeAwayOurPills !!!). 

Our condition makes it hard for us to lose weight, control breakouts, and oftentimes, track our cycle. Because of my irregular period patterns, I sometimes don’t know when my Aunt Flow comes in to visit for the month. It doesn't help that she throws a fit all the time, either. I swear period cramps are one of the most painful experiences ever!

Whenever I experience dysmenorrhea, I make sure to do these fool-proof steps:

1. Drink hot tea

2. Put hot compress/ a hot towel over my "puson" to ease the pain

3. Wear  soft, comfortable pads to make red days bearable


Okay anyway, this is a bit TMI, but I unexpectedly had my period while I was on a plane bound for Los Angeles. It came as a total surprise! (No wonder I was so moody that day!) But it’s a good thing #WhisperPhilippines sent me a few packs of pads the evening before our flight. Talk about perfect timing!! 

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With the Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights, I had a comfortable (and thankfully, stain-free!!!!) ride all throughout the trip! ❤️  I super love how it’s soft, long, and comfy to use. Thank God 12-hour leak protection has been invented! LOL.


Thank you so much, @WhisperPhilippines and @sampleroomph! You guys are life-savers! #AllDayNoCheck #SleepGoals #SampleRoomForWhisper #SampleRoomPH