Date-Worthy Ba?: Osaka Ohso, Home of the Flying Noodles and the World's #1 Gyoza

Hey, guys! :)

We're back for another #DateWorthyBa blog post, and this time, we're giving you a virtual tour around Osaka Ohsho—home of the world's #1 gyoza!

Hershey: The boyfriend and I went to SM North yesterday to do some last minute Christmas shopping (such procrastinators, we know) and decided to satisfy our gyoza cravings for lunch. We thought of dropping by Osaka Ohso because we've read 5-star reviews about their gyoza AND saw photos of their newest dish—The Flying Noodles—everywhere on our Instagram feeds.

Josh: I was more interested in trying out their gyoza. Frankly speaking, the flying noodles was something way beyond my imagination; as a traditionalist, I preferred my noodles in a bowl of hot soup, not suspended in the air. HEHEHE.

Hershey: Uhm you guys... for context, my boyfriend's Chinese so.......yup. HAHAHA.

Hershey: The interiors were cozy and the acoustics of the place was nice, too. It's a good restaurant to catch up with the bae or with good friends after a long day.

Josh: I like paying attention to the interiors of restaurants, and appreciated the artwork at the back--a geisha depicted in mixed media, atop newspapers-turned-wallpaper. 

Hershey: We requested some complimentary brewed tea. Yum! Oh, and check out the cute design on the chopstick covers!!

Truffle Gyoza (PHP 280 for 6 pcs)

Rating: 10/10

Hershey: When our eyes saw "Truffle Gyoza" printed on the menu, Josh and I—lovers of truffle, gyoza, and each other (hehe)—both knew we had to try that one out. A set of six costs PHP 280 while the 12-piece platter costs PHP 560. We got the one in six. 

The Truffle Gyoza tasted like HEAVEN in our mouths, we couldn't stop eating. I think we finished everything in less than ten minutes—it was that good. It was crispy yet lightweight, and had just the right amount of truffle.

Honestly, now that I've tasted Osaka Ohso's gyoza, I can't help but set my gyoza standards way up high. This one just takes home the trophy!!!

Josh: We sorta regretted not ordering the 12 piece platter right after we polished the gyoza off! Hershey and I agreed that we could definitely finish 12 pieces separately (or was that just me). The earthy truffle flavor never overpowered the meaty elements of the gyoza, that's why. 

Alas, after we finished the gyoza and revisited the mouthwatering menu, that was the only time we noticed that gyoza could be eaten with soy sauce, chili sauce, and miso sauce, or a combination of the three. We learned something new about this amazing Japanese dish! 

They have other flavors too, like Original, Bacon & Cheese, and Chori.

Flying Noodles (PHP 370)

Rating: 8/10

Hershey: The first time I saw a photo of this Instagram-worthy dish, my curious self screamed, "I have to try this out!! Now!!" We had the bacon & cheese somen because, duh. Bacon.

When the dish arrived, I took out my phone and went snapping away. Fifteen minutes into the grind, the boyfriend nudged my elbow and asked—no, pleaded—for me to stop already. In his words—"Baby, let's eat it na please, it demands to be devoured HUHUHU." I giggled and gave in.

The Flying Noodles reminded us of carbonara, which isn't a bad thing because I'm a #CarbonaraLoyalist ever since forever. It was served with mushrooms, egg and grilled salmon.

While it wasn't as spectacular as the truffle gyoza, it was a fun experience. We did get a bit umayhalfway through (tip: one plate is more than enough for two people!), so we grabbed some spicy oil to add more flavor.

Josh: The salmon in particular stood out: it was perfectly cooked and probably the highlight of the dish. Overall, Flying Noodles was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. I'm wondering if this is the next ramen—only crazier? 

Are you drooling yet?

Obligatory couple photos!!! HEHE.

The entire lunch set us back PHP 708 (service charge included). Not bad! 


Hershey: A big YES! Josh and I will definitely come back for the gyoza. We want to try other stuff on their menu too, like the teppanyaki and the bento boxes. The staff were super friendly, and as I said, the acoustics of the place was nice, too (something that Josh and I really take into consideration since we love talking over meals).

Josh: Yes, we're excited to try the other flavors of gyoza!


Facebook Page: 

Branches: SM North Edsa (Ground level, The Block) 

and SM Megamall (Third Level, Fashion Hall)

Happy eating,

Josh and Hershey