Macao Imperial Tea Is Now Open At Capitol Commons!

This afternoon, as I was eating a bowl of ramen, I couldn’t help but think—God, I love being Asian.

I mean, how can one NOT enjoy Asian cuisine, amirighttt? No one can deny how amazing the food in our side of the map is: Rice! Sinigang! Sushi! Laksa! And of course, MILK TEA!!!!!

One brand that has captured the hearts of many is Macao Imperial Tea. Everyone’s been raving about (and Instagramming) it, so I really wanted to try it out myself, to find whether or not it’s worth the hype.



The gods of milk tea heard my prayer, because one night, my friend and former colleague invited me to the launch of her newest venture—her very own branch of Macao Imperial Tea in Capitol Commons, Pasig. You know what that meant—I’d finally get to try their stuff out on the house, without waiting in line. Bwahahaha, oh the perks of the friendship card! Just kidding! Real talk though, I admire my friend for leaving her corporate job and pursuing entrepreneurship. I really wish her all the best in this endeavour!

Okay, now enough of the cheese and more of the tea. I didn’t know what to order from their menu, so I asked them for their suggestions. I got their best-seller, the cream cheese oreo milk tea, for myself. My plus one, Josh, trusted me enough to choose a drink for him. So I told the barista—cheesecake milk tea with pearls, please!



Cheesecake Milk Tea and Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea

My drink was pretty good, and I soon realized why it was a crowd-favorite: it was sweet (but not too much), creamy, and it tasted like childhood. Hihi. To be fair, I think nothing can ever go wrong with the classic oreo and cream cheese combo! One thing I forgot to ask though was to have pearls added to the drink—I’ll try that out next time. Josh’s drink was awesome, too—and to be honest, I think I liked his more, just because it had cheesecake bits and pearls inside. To me, milk tea isn’t milk tea without the pearls! 


Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea. So sorry the cup is now almost half empty! I took a “““sip””” and completely forgot to take photos of it right away. HAHA!

I also liked how people have the option not to use a straw with their drinks, because each is sealed with a sippy cup. Other drinks come in reusable bottles, too—there’s one with cute animal ears on it! 



The place is very cozy, and I love the laid-back interior—it’s definitely a place you can hang out with friends, or even catch up on work. The Unimart building has free internet access for 1 hour, so that’s a plus point for me. 


Please allow me to sneak in an OOTD photo here! HAHA!  

Mustard polo: Forever 21

Dress: Mango

Shoes: YSL




Do I recommend this place? Absolutely—especially if you’re a fan of specialty drinks. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about how long the queue can get, and personally, I’m not a fan of waiting in line. My suggestion: Grab Food is your best friend. But either way, go visit Macao Imperial Tea at Capitol Commons to satisfy your milk tea fix!

Let us know your staple Macao Imperial orders in the comment section below! 

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