Welcome To My Blog's New Home!

One boring afternoon seven years ago, I signed up on blogspot and started my own website.

I was a high school student on her sembreak—and the first thing I wrote about was my Unforgettable Trick or Treat Experience. (Yes, I went Trick or Treating at sixteen because I was deprived of a ~childhood~) By the way, I dressed up as a Walmart version of Cruella de Ville—but that didn't matter. My teenager self thought I looked fabulous!

A lot of things happened from there, and you guys have been witnesses to these—I graduated high school, passed the UPCAT, enjoyed college to the fullest, broke up with my high school sweetheart because I was a jerk, shifted out of BS Nursing and into BA Organizational Communication, signed up for internships, got into a toxic long term relationship because I thought I could ~change people~, had my heart broken (surprise!), finished my thesis, graduated, had my heart broken again, overcame a harassment case, went soul searching for almost two years, had my heart broken yet again (I wish I could give my 19-year-old self a facepalm), worked out and loved myself more, got a job at an advertising and digital production company, went on a date with a guy I've been friends with for years, realized I liked him, fell in love with the right person at the right time, left my first job to expand my horizons, started working at a publishing company.....and the rest is history. (This is my lifestory in run-on sentences, basically).

I feel like because I've learned so much, I've also outgrown a lot of things, and it was finally time to bid my blogspot adieu

I am grateful I have you guys to share my life journey with. And I am even more grateful for the friendship we've made through the years—to everyone who sent me a message of support, thank you. And to everyone who struggled, overcame, and shared their own stories with me, thank you. This is what this humble blog is for, after all. 

Let's keep this post short: welcome to my new website.

Let's keep sharing our stories, shall we?




Photo by Hollie Harmsworth