Story Time: One Saturday Night In The Middle Of A Parking Lot

“Just be in the moment, darling.”

I glanced at him and smiled. I stopped pressing the shutter and looked away from the 5 inch-screen.

“All right,” I giggled as I tucked my phone under my thigh. “It’s not like I need 17 photos of the fireworks in my camera roll, right?”

We had just finished dinner (a meal good for five people, for just the two of us) when we climbed into his car and heard a loud ‘bang!’ We looked into the distance, and the sky lit up with beautiful colors: shades of red, and orange, and green—and sometimes, even magenta. We rolled down the windows and enjoyed the free show.

In our silence, I couldn’t help but wonder—How can happiness be this simple? And how can something this simple, be grand? Love. It makes us vulnerable and strong, all at the same time, doesn’t it? And it’s funny how it makes us ask questions like these in the middle of a parking lot on a Saturday night.

He nudged my elbow.
“Isn’t it beautiful?”
“Yes it is,” I smirked.

Everything felt magical, but only because everything was real.

Be in the moment, he said. I looked around—the engine purred. Passersby gathered around to watch. His hand was locked in mine. And I was happy.