Breaking The Rules: Who Says Morenas Can't Rock A Little Orange Dress?

For the longest time, I've strayed away from the color orange, simply because it is my least favorite color. I've also read dozens of articles that say morenas, or ladies with medium skin tones, should refrain from wearing the color because it looks too close to our shade, and wearing it might make us look washed out.

But you know what they say, you can't break rules 'til you know the rules. It wasn't until last month when I've broken this very simple fashion "commandment".

Orange Dress 1.jpeg

Here's a quick story on how I came up with this outfit. Two nights before my sorority sister Becca's wedding, I was rummaging through my wardrobe in search of a nice dress. "Wear pastels" was written on the invitation, so I mini panicked because all my dresses were in black! I took an Uber to the nearest mall, and walked into Forever 21. I hesitantly grabbed the first colorful dress I saw. I raced to the dressing room, tried it on, twirled in it, fell in love with it, and poof! I bought it right away, without even looking at the price tag, because I didn't want to face second thoughts anymore. #NoRegrets.

Orange Dress 2.jpeg

I never knew I would fall in love with an orange dress, because as I said earlier, I hate the color so much—but I also never knew that it could flatter the morena skin tone too! While they say that orange makes medium-skineed women look washed out, certain shades of orange could actually compliment our shade. 

Orange Dress 3.jpeg

My takeaway here? Forget the rules! Fashion is all about taking risks and trying out new things. To find your own personal style, you must step out of your comfort zone and try out different things to know whether or not you look and feel good wearing them!

I know my 20-year-old self vowed never to wear orange because, BLEH, but hey—I take it back. I actually feel great in certain shades of orange, and I would have never discovered that if I didn't experiment!

Little Orange Dress 4.jpg

Outfit details:

Little orange dress—Forever 21

Nude heels—Forever 21

Leather bag—a giveaway from an Uber event I attended last December 2017 


Little Orange Dress 5.jpg

If you have medium skin tone and you're not yet convinced that orange can look good on you, here are some morena—approved outfits you can check out for style inspiration. Screecap away, ladies!


Lissa Kahayon

Photo from @lissakahayon

Laureen Uy

Photo from @laureenuy

Martine Cajucom

Photo from @martine

Photos taken by Rebekah Tuparan (thank God for supportive Instagram friends! Haha!)

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