Because Pizza is Always a Good Idea.

Guess what? Today was a baaaaaaad day. I'm not going to delve into details as to why it was bad, but it just was.

Thankfully, Big Guys Pizza sent us a package, a big ass, 36-inch pizza—aka, today's lifesaver.

Pizza 1.jpeg

The delivery arrived around lunch time, which was perfect, because aside from making me feel instantly better (when has pizza ever failed us?), it also saved my wallet. (FREE LUNCH IS THE BEST, Y'ALL).

So here's a big, 36-inch THANK YOU to you, Big Guys Pizza! 

Pizza 2.jpeg

The struggle was real! It was NOT easy carrying a gigantic box of pizza to the office—it's a workout, I tell you!! *Wink* WATCH this video to see what I'm talking about! :P

Okay, announcement time: after being around for almost a decade, Big Guys Pizza has  rebranded and reinvented their famous pizzas! The all-new pizza features NEW dough, NEW sauce, and NEW toppings!

According to their press release, their new signature tomato sauce, freshly produced and packed daily, contains different herbs and spices that make it perfect for the "Filipino taste". They've also scrapped their previous toppings, replacing them with more authentic, superior-quality meat made from real beef or pork—no fillers!!

Lastly, even with BIG improvements, they've decided to retain their AFFORDABLE prices. They are also just one call away now, and you can reach them through their new hotline number—231-12-12!

Again, that's 231-12-12. So easy to memorize! LOL.

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Pizza 3.jpeg

How does their pizza taste like? Here's my honest review:

Yes, there are definitely improvements as compared to before. I tried their pizzas way back in college (Big Guys Pizza is a college party staple, isn't it? HAHA!), and it wasn't that special. It was, however, BIG and AFFORDABLE, which is why it's super student-friendly.

Their dough now is different and their toppings taste better. So yes, this is better than Big Guys Pizza version 1—but I don't want to oversell it, either. It's not that delicious in an "oh my god this is the best pizza I've ever had" kind of way, but it's good in a "wow, this is so big, and eating this with my friends is so fun!" kind of way. I hope I made sense! LOL. Our favorite flavors were pepperoni, super supreme, and Hawaiian (I used to hate pineapples on pizza, but now I'm a convert).

Do I recommend this? 

While the pizza isn't something to write home about, it's a great experience and a very affordable option. So if you are having a party with friends and officemates, YES, I do recommend this! It's frikkin HUGE—there were fifteen of us today and we didn't even get to finish the whole thing (hooray for take home food! HAHA!). It's also very fun for photo ops with the barkada. 

According to their website, their 36-inch pizza (which is good for a whole barangay, lol) sells at only P1,548. 

Here's great news! You can ENJOY A SPECIALl 10% DISCOUNT from today 'til July 4, 2018. Just order through their hotline number, 231-12-12!

Eat your heart out, pizza lovers!!!!!!




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