These Disposable Contact Lenses Are Perfect For Traveling!

Hey, guys! Greetings from Manila! I recently arrived from my month-long trip around Europe, and what can I say? I'm still on a hangover! LOL. (To be honest, I wish I could be on vacation forever, but sadly, I can't afford THAT. I have bills to pay, so that also means it's back to reality. Kayod-kayod din!)

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Anyway, today we'll be talking about something four-eyed people can relate to—traveling with glasses.

For context, I had always been a prescription glasses kinda girl, simply because I am lazy—welp, there's no denying that. To me, the process of putting on contacts, and then later on removing them, cleaning them, and storing them away seems so tedious. I only wear colored contacts to photoshoots and special occasions, because they really help enhance one's makeup. But honestly, on regular days, I'd rather just wake up in the morning, look for my glasses (which are, by the way, probably located somewhere in the pile of mess beside my bed), put them on, and start my day.

Contact Lenses 7.jpg

Please remind Josh and me to take photos at a landmark next time we travel. Come on, this doesn't even look like it was taken at France! For all we know, these could have been taken at some random kanto. HAHA!


But while prescription glasses are my everyday weapons of choice, traveling with them's a different story. Wearing them from one city to another wasn't the most comfortable experience. First, I had to remove my glasses every time I had my photo taken (I'm not a fan of seeing glare in my photos). Second, they're kind of a hassle to wear while in transit. In Europe, we had to hop (and run!) from one train to another, and walk, walk, and walk. Oftentimes, my glasses slipped off my nose—and sometimes, they would even fog up! 

Thank God I discovered the magic of single-use contact lenses. Just a disclaimer, I am NOT paid to write about this. However, I did get fifteen pairs of graded  DAILIES AquaComfort Plus for free, which I brought with me on my trip.

dailies contacts.jpg

About Dailies—these graded contact lenses deliver blink-activated moisture for comfort that will last you the whole day. And yes, they're good to use for 24 hours. You just simply tear off the packaging, get the lenses, and put them on! At the end of the day, you just take the lenses off and throw them away. Talk about fuss-free!


Wearing DAILIES AquaComfort Plus!


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So this is what it was like wearing disposable contacts for the first time:


  • I love how hassle-free the experience is. You literally just put them on and you're good to go! At the end of the day, take them off and say bye-bye! 
  • The packaging is very compact and easy to carry.
  • Traveling is made easier. I can enjoy commuting, sightseeing, and walking without my glasses slipping off my nose. Plus, no more foggy lenses!
  • DAILIES AquaComfort Plus lenses feel so lightweight!! I'm so surprised by this! Funny story, there was this time when I forgot whether or not I was wearing contacts...Tas gets, ang hassle pa nun kasi clear yung contacts, so ang hirap i-determine. HAHA! 
  • Wearing them was a comfortable experience overall.


  • Because I'm not used to using clear contact lenses, the first few attempts to put them on were challenging.
  • While the DAILIES promised moisture to last the whole day, I did feel my eyes get dry come evening. As a remedy, I used eye drops.
  • There was this one time when I accidentally broke one lens while I was putting it on. It's my mistake, though—the lens is very thin, and I think I was holding it too hard. Also, I was new to this whole contact lens thing, so mistakes were bound to be made.
Paris 1 edit.jpg

Do I recommend the DAILIES?

Yes, yes, and yes! Not only is it perfect for traveling, but it's also great for everyday use. While I still prefer wearing eyeglasses on days I work at the office, I'm actually considering wearing single-use contacts to events and special occasions. 

I also recommend this to people who workout and do sports.



How much are the DAILIES?

P1,495 for a box of 15 pairs (30 pieces). The DAILIES AquaComfort Plus is available at leading optical shops nationwide.

Here's a little something for you guys! If you're thinking of getting a box of DAILIES, please feel free to use this gift voucher, which is only available until today, July 31, 2018. 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! :) 

Have you tried wearing single-use contacts? I want to know about your experiences! Comment them below! :)