This Travel-Friendly Razor Looks Like A Polly Pocket!

Hey, guys! Hello from Siena, Tuscany!

I've been traveling around Italy for 8 days straight now, and (thankfully), today is Rest Day. (Hey, even God rested on the 7th day, right? :P) I'm so happy I finally get to rest and do nothing—and by nothing, what I really mean finish my laundry, pack my luggage, and BLOG! (Hooray!)

Today, we're going to talk about my current obsession: the Sphynx 3-in-1 travel razor.

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My Sphynx razor and me at the farm of All'Orto de' Pecci in Siena, Italy

Disclaimer: I am not paid to write about this. However, the Sphynx razor was given to me when I dropped by The Summer Club pop-up last April.

Yes, this Polly Pocket-looking thing is a real razor, and the best part is that you can carry it ANYWHERE! You know how razors aren't allowed in carry-on luggage when you fly? With the Sphynx razor, you can literally shave 30,000 feet in the air. LOL.

To be honest, I'm not much of a shaving fan. For my underarms, I prefer waxing or laser (I am currently doing the Strip White treatment, as seen on Instagram). But for emergency cases, or whenever I travel, I shave away! (Let's face it: it's not practical to look for waxing salons when you're abroad, right?)

I am currently hopping from one city to another here in Europe, and my trusty Sphynx razor has been doing a good job keeping my legs smooth and hair-free.  And because of its really cute packaging, it can fit inside my makeup kit, my purse, and even my pocket!


Aside from having two razors inside, it also features one water container (to spray on the spot that you're about to shave) and a bar of shea butter moisturizing soap, a substitute for shaving cream. 


So far, here's what i can say about the Sphynx 3-in-1 razor:


- It's fun-sized, so it's super easy to bring with you anywhere

- It's very efficiently designed. The compact razor has 2 razors inside, plus a moisturizing balm and a water spray

- It looks like Polly Pocket!!! Bwahaha.

- It glides on smoothly and it's really easy to use!



- It's a bit difficult to clean the razor after using it. I noticed that the hair strands are hard to remove.


How much is a Sphynx 3-in-1 razor?

The whole set sells at only PHP 750, while the refill pack (inclusive of 1 moisturizing pre-shave bar and 4 razors) costs PHP 350.


Would I recommend this?

YES! Again, shaving isn't really my #1 hair removal method of choice, but whenever I travel (or need to have hair removed ASAP), I make sure to use the Sphynx razor. I recommend this for girls on-the-go, because you can use this on the plane, at the gym, in the car (LOL), etc!


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