'I Will Always Have Paris' : On Finding Inspiration And Post-Vacation Blues

Paris Post Vacation Blues.jpeg

Lately, I’ve been feeling some post-vacation blues. Have you ever experienced the same thing? I’ve been feeling stuck—hungry for something new.

This time three weeks ago, I was on a road trip in France, off to a place I’ve yet to set foot on. I was eating snails, lava cakes, and fresh croissants. But now it’s back to reality. To routine. To the daily grind. Back to the same old things.

 But I guess that’s just what life is all about, huh? You take the good with the bad. You need “boring days” to appreciate the “exciting days”. Bland food to enjoy the scrumptious. Lonely days to look forward to connection. A creative block to feel the surge of ideas—the high that comes with a light bulb moment.

I crave inspiration; I seek new experiences. But life is happening now.

So until my next adventure, I will always have Paris.  


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