What To Expect From UNIQLO's Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

Some people believe that August 8, 2018 (8.8.18) is the luckiest day of the year—and I think it's no coincidence that on the same day, UNIQLO just dropped their Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Now THAT's some good news for us fans! Woohoo!

Uniqlo 6.jpeg

A self-proclaimed UNIQLO couple (we often wear head-to-toe UNIQLO outfits!),  Josh & I were so happy (delighted! ecstatic! overjoyed!) when we got passes to the exclusive preview of the upcoming collection (Hi, Kevin! If you're reading this, you're the best!). Not only did we get to view the collection firsthand, but we also got to see our friends from the blogging and media world! It was like one huge reunion. In fact, I was soooo happy to see everyone all in one place, that I accidentally told a friend, "Hey, thanks so much for dropping by!" right after the event. HAHA! Wow, event ko??

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Clockwise from the top: (1) Double the trouble! Hershey Neri and Joshua Young of #HisAndHersh with Arnie Villanueva and Deo Montuerto of #TeamArneo! We carpooled together after the event, and I'm just so happy the four of us got to spend quality time together

(2) With Koji Arsua of kojiarsua.com! We got to work together for WhenInManila.com a few years back, and I'm happy we got to be great friends outside work! 

(3) The fun table! :P With Koji Arsua, Kevin Conopio of EON, Arnia Villanueva, Deo Montuerto, and Joshua Young

(4) With a former schoolmate and one of the biggest fashion bloggers today, Bea Marin! I'm so happy to see her shine!

(5) With Rae Belle Dennis, Gian Nicdao, and Mai Kasilag, former schoolmates and coursemates from the University of the Philippines Manila. Woohoo, BA Organizational Communication represent!

This isn't everyone yet because I forgot to take photos haha, but YAY! Thank you so much EON for making this reunion happen! :)) My hermit self is happy to see humans today. 


Before the fashion show started, Josh and I dropped by this booth where you can have your photo taken wearing a piece from the newest collection! So cute, right?

Here are some behind-the-scenes action! LOL!

Uniqlo 10.jpeg
uniqlo 20.jpeg

And here are the final photos shot by Sandro Paredes! I love it! 


I love how Josh was so game for this. For those who don't know him in real life, he's an introvert! But because he knew this really meant a lot to me, he did it anyway. Haha!! (By the way, I wrote an article on 3 Reasons Why Extrovert-Introvert Relationships Work here.)

Uniqlo 12.jpeg

Okay, enough of the chit chat and more of the fashionnnn! This season, it's all about easy-to-coordinate colors and silhouettes, featuring three universal, timeless shapes: circular, triangular, and rectangular. Here's a preview of UNIQLO U 2018 Fall/Winter:

UNIQLO 13. jpeg.jpeg
UNIQLO 1.jpeg
UNIQLO 3.jpeg
UNIQLO 4.jpeg
UNIQLO 5.jpeg

Watch this video to see the entire collection:

Here are my top picks:

1. 3D crew neck knitted dress (P2,990)

I'm really in love with this piece because it's so simple yet elegant. Red is such a classy color too, don't you think?

UNIQLO top picks 3.jpeg


2. Double Face Wrap Coat (P7,990)

Okay, this may not Metro Manila-appropriate (LOL!), but there's no denying that it's a perfect, travel-worthy outfit! I can just imagine myself wearing this down Central Park on a cool autumn day. Sigh. Okay penge plane ticket. HAHA!

UNIQLO top picks 1.jpg

Photo: uniqlo.com

3. Blocktech Waterproof and Windproof Parka

Now this one is a must-have, especially since it's the rainy season here in the Philippines. In fact, when I posted this on Instagram, I received a couple of inquiries about it! It's a crowd-favorite! 

4. Teal Double Face Over Coat (P6,990)

The silhouette of this coat is super classy—but the pastel color screams fun and quirky! 

UNIQLO top picks 2.jpg

Photo: uniqlo.com


5. Mustard Shirt Dress (P2,490)

 I think I just fell in love with this shirt dress—it's casual, cozy, yet dressy. Dibs!

UNIQLO top picks 4.jpg

Photo: uniqlo.com

6. Black U Down Jacket For Men (P6,990)

Finally, I asked what Josh's favorite piece was, and he replied right away—he really loves the jacket he wore during the mini photoshoot! He says, "It will always be hot and sunny or humid and rainy in the Philippines, but if you’re visiting someplace cold and snowy, you better don the Seamless Down parka. These super comfy jackets provide double protection against snow and rain. The best thing about them? You end up wearing fewer layers because they’re so light! End result: you’ll have less kilos of clothing on, so you can spend your energy on exploring and enjoying your vacation."

Oh, diba. Ang haba ng explanation niya, guys. I love it!!! Ang bibbo! Hahaha!

UNIQLO 14.jpg

Photo: uniqlo.com

Have you picked out your favorites yet? :) 

The Uniqlo Fall/Winter 2018 collection hits stores on August 31, 2018. 



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