How I Scored Toni Gonzaga’s Yves Saint Laurent Heels For Only P3,000


I was never the person who’d invest in shoes. Back then, I was more of a tiangee-kind-of-girl. I preferred buying cheaper, low-quality options because I was trying to save money. Or at least I thought I was. Turned out, most of the "cheap" shoes I bought didn't even last me three months!

My work in fashion (publishing) has been a huge influence in my life—most evidently in my wardrobe. I realized the importance of investing in high quality pieces—they’re a classic, you can wear them repeatedly, and they would last you way longer. By high quality, I don’t necessarily mean designer pieces. (LOL, trust me, I don’t think I can afford Gucci mules right now—not with a writer’s salary! :P) What I’m saying is, for as long as it’s made of good materials and I know it can be used again and again for a loooong time—I’m on board.

I’m not going to deny it: I’d always wanted to get myself my own signature heels! (Nope, mommy’s hand-me-downs don’t count. I wanted to buy a pair with my own hard-earned money.)

But as I said—I couldn’t afford one just yet. So imagine how low my jaw dropped when I found a pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes on sale for only P3,000 ($57).

One pair originally costs at least P30,000 ($566), so even though it’s a pre-loved item, it’s a really good deal.


I found it on Metro.Style’s #SignedSoldDelivered page. The mustard yellow pair belonged to Filipina actress Toni Gonzaga! She wore them in her 2014 movie, Starting Over Again—and oh, I loved that film!

I scrolled further down the page and saw that ANOTHER one of Toni’s YSL heels was also on sale, but this time, in red. She wore the pair for her movie, "You're My Boss”—and it was up for grabs for only P5,000. 


I was now torn between two chic pairs of shoes! Buying both of them wasn't an option for me because I thought that would be excessive (and also because I had bills to pay that day). But since I didn’t know which one to get, I did what any millennial would in a dilemma like this....

I created an Instagram poll! HAHAHA!


The red pair won the poll by a landslide. I was about to put it into my shopping cart, but when I messaged my boyfriend Josh about it, he said, “You know what? Sayang. Investment na rin ‘yan eh! Just buy one pair and I’ll get you the other one.”

HAHAHAHA! I told him he really didn’t need to, but he said he’d be happy to get it for me! I thought it was pretty sweet, ‘cause he knew how much I’d been wanting to get new shoes. I got the red one, and he bought the yellow pair for me! (As a thank you gift, I treated him out for dinner for a week. HAHAHAHA. #Equality tayo, guys! :P)



The package finally arrived after a week. The shoes came in two YSL boxes, along with handwritten notes on them. The original price tag of the mustard heels was also still attached. It was at P31,535 ($595), and I scored it for so much less! Woohoo!

Here are more detailed shots of the shoes:

PAIR #1  (P3,000)

These ones are damaged at the soles— that’s why they were sold at a super affordable price. It’s okay though, they’re still wearable, and I’m sure I can easily have them repaired!


PAIR #2 (P5,000) 

The red ones are in pretty good condition! The only flaws I see are some minor scratches at the side, but overall, this pair is a huge steal! It's already made its way to one of my top faves on my shoe rack. :P


 (a bug flew by when this photo was shot! 😂)


I’m really, really happy with my latest purchase! Come on, who doesn’t like finding good stuff on bargain, right?? :D

The good news is, you too can get your hands on awesome steals like these! Metro.Style’s #SignedSoldDelivered page is full of your favorite celebrities’ pre-loved items! The best part is that ALL proceeds go to charity! It’s like shopping for a cause :)

Here's a secret: I was also eyeing this nude Louboutin pair—but managed to stop myself from buying it. Buti na lang nakapag-papicture na. Charot. HAHA! It's also from Toni Gonzaga, and it sells at only P3,000. Go get it, ladies—before someone else does! :P



To check out the awesome stuff for sale on #SignedSoldDelivered, click this link.